8 Tips on What Pomeranians Like to Play With

If your Pomeranian has been ignoring the ever-growing collection of dog toys, you might have a problem. After all, toys are necessary to keep your Pomeranian busy and entertained so that they don’t get bored when you aren’t around.

So, what do Pomeranians like to play with? Since Pomeranians are active and energetic dogs, they love toys that stimulate them physically and mentally and satisfy their chewing needs. Most Pomeranians also like to play with stuffed toys, puzzles, and you.

Since you can get lost in the sea of Pomeranian toys on the market, I’ve prepared 8 tips on what Pomeranians like to play with and how to choose the best toys. Just keep on reading.

What Do Pomeranians Like to Play With?

1. Your Pomeranian Doesn’t Like a Big Pile of Toys

A lot of owners impulsively buy whatever dog toy catches their eye because they think their Pomeranian would like it. That’s how you end up tons of toys that your Pomeranian doesn’t like and don’t use.

You don’t have to buy a lot of toys to keep your Pomeranian happy and stimulated. In fact, a big pile of toys will only confuse your Pomeranian and make it hard for them to choose their favorite.

Moreover, any toys that your Pomeranian likes to play with might get lost among the others, and your Pom probably won’t bother to search for them.

So, what you need are a few good toys that will meet your Pomeranian’s physical, mental, and emotional needs.

2. Your Pomeranian Likes Chew Toys

Do you come home to discover that your Pomeranian has chewed on your shoes yet again? All Pomeranians love to chew, and if you don’t get them chewing toys, they can wreak havoc on your things.

Believe me when I say that picking the right chew toy makes all the differences.

Depending on your Pomeranian’s age, you’ll need different chew toys. Teething Pomeranian puppies need sturdy toys with nubs/rubs to allow them to scratch the itch of emerging teeth.

These toys also should be small enough to fit into your Pomeranian’s mouth. But more importantly, they should taste good to draw in your Pomeranian.

Once teething is over, adult Pomeranians also benefit from having some chew toys available.

For once, Pomeranians like to work their jaws and chewing on toys is a great way to relieve boredom and anxiety. Moreover, it helps to reduce the accumulated plaque on your Pom’s teeth.

While adult Pomeranians aren’t the biggest chewers, you still need a sturdy toy that won’t fall apart after a couple of weeks.

The biggest problem is that many “indestructible” toys are made for big dogs. Fortunately, you can try West Paw Zogoflex Hurley bones and Goughnuts for small dogs.

3. Your Pomeranian Loves to Stay Busy

Unfortunately, you can’t be around all the time to entertain and interact with your Pomeranian. As such, your Pomeranian would like to have toys that keep them busy and focused.

One of the most important features of these “stay busy” toys is that they should capture and hold the attention of your Pomeranian. If it’s a boring toy that doesn’t do anything, your Pomeranian won’t play with it for very long.

That’s why you should look into dog toys that speak. For example, look at the Who’s Talking Cow toy or the Talking Babble Ball.

4. Treat-Release Toys Are a Must

If you don’t want your Pomeranian puppy to wake you up at night or early morning, you should have some treat-release toys available. They will keep your Pomeranian occupied until you get up to fill their bowl. Such toys can also help you feed your Pomeranian during the day when you can’t make it home.

Besides that, Pomeranians love tasty treats and the challenge to figure out how to get to the reward. So, most of the time, they go nuts for these kinds of toys.

However, you have to get one that’s small enough for your tiny Pomeranian. You can try Kong’s Classic Treat Dispenser, Busy Buddy Barnacle, or Buddy Twist ‘n Treat.

5. Your Pomeranian Doesn’t Like to Be Alone

By nature, Pomeranians are companion dogs and tend to stick to their owners’ side. Most Pomeranians don’t tolerate being alone very well and like to have a stuffed toy to snuggle with when you’re not around.

Moreover, your Pomeranian puppy might be lonely and afraid at night, and a stuffed toy will comfort them. In this way, they’re less likely to wake you up by whining or crying.

More importantly, you’ll feel less guilty about leaving your Pomeranian alone if you know that they have a “stuffed friend” to keep them company.

One great choice is Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Dog Toy because it has a pulsing heartbeat and a heat source to reduce your Pomeranian’s anxiety and stress.

6. Your Pomeranian Likes Puzzles

Besides treat-releasing toys, your Pomeranians also like to play with puzzles. These toys keep them occupied and engage their senses.

As a whole, Pomeranians are an intelligent breed, so puzzles can help develop your Pom’s intellect and confidence.

Snuffle mats are great because they trigger your Pomeranian’s natural instinct to hunt for food. Moreover, such toys allow your Pomeranian to train their sense of smell and make the meal more enjoyable.

You can also use such toys to feed your Pomeranian slowly if they tend to eat too fast or have stomach problems.

You can also try puzzles with buttons, levers, or sliders. Start with the easy ones, and when your Pomeranian gets the hang out of it, you can move to more complicated puzzles.

7. Your Pomeranian Loves to Play with You

While toys are an excellent way to keep your Pomeranian happy, busy, and stimulated, they can’t replace your company. All toys and games will be more pleasant for your Pomeranian if you’re an active participant.

Even if you’re super busy, you should find time to play with your Pomeranian. It strengthens your bond and shows your Pomeranian how much you care about them. Easy games that you can play include:

  • Fetch, the favorite game of all dogs, even small ones.
  • Chasing bubbles. There’s a special bubble mix that tastes like bacon.
  • Hide and seek. Just hide a couple of treats around the house and watch as your Pomeranian runs around to find them.
  • Tug-of-war. It’s great for building your Pomeranian’s confidence and getting them tired.
  • Lure chasing. Tie a toy to the end of a string. Then drag it on the ground for your Pomeranian to chase.

8. Your Pomeranian Likes Variety

No one likes to play with the same toy over and over again. That’s why you have to rotate your Pomeranian’s toys every couple of weeks to keep things interesting.

Don’t let your Pomeranian have access to all the toys all the time. They will get bored and you’ll have to look for new ones to attract and hold your Pom’s interest.

Rotating the toys also means that your Pomeranian won’t get obsessed with one of them and get stressed when the toy eventually breaks.

Speaking of that, you should check the toys regularly to make sure that they’re intact. Throw any broken ones immediately, or your Pomeranian might swallow some small parts and choke.

Closing Thoughts

What your Pomeranian likes to play with will change as they mature from a puppy to an adult. As such, you should do a toy assessment whenever you notice that your Pom is no longer interested in playing with their toys.