Top 5 Dog Knee Braces for Luxating Patella

Smaller dog breeds, like Pomeranians, are prone to a physical condition called a luxating patella, which is when their kneecap shifts in and out of their socket while being active. There are several grades to the level of this condition and usually ends up requiring surgery or simply applying a knee brace on your dog.

Luckily, there are a number of high-quality knee braces out there that really make a difference in the lives of dogs everywhere. With the purchase of such a simple product, you can change the life of your dog drastically. That’s why I decided to make a list of the best knee braces for luxating patella in dogs.

MyProSupports Rear Leg Hock Joint Wraps (Pair)

If your dog is recovering from surgery on the back knees, the MyProSupports Rear Leg Hock Join Wraps (link to read reviews on Amazon) may be of help and may save some money since you get a set of braces for both rear legs during your Pomeranian’s luxating patella surgery recovery.

These wraps serve as compression and support during the healing period and they can also prevent any kind of re-injury while the dog is weak from surgery. These are also recommended for dogs with arthritis, so if your dog had knee issues that were complicated by arthritis, these are worth looking at.

These appear to be comfortable and easy to clean since they are made of a smooth mesh sheet. The sheet seems to allow for some ventilation and looks like it would be gentle against the skin. The manufacturer recommends them for stabilization while healing from injury or surgery.

When choosing a size, you’ll want to measure the circumference one inch above the dog’s hock. The smallest size fits a circumference of about 3.75” so the small size of this product may work for some Pomeranians as long as measurements match. One con is that some people report that these turned out a bit large for smaller dogs, so if your Pomeranian is very young or extra-small, you may want to look into other products.

Overall, though, these may be best if you need something for general support in an adult Pomeranian with complications from joint issues and arthritis, so in this case, do consider the MyProSupports dog joint wraps for compression and stabilization for your Pom’s luxating patella surgery recovery.

Agon Rear Hock Joint Brace (Single)

The Agon Rear Hock Joint Brace (link to read reviews on Amazon) also serves as a compression wrap and is a bit more expensive per wrap if you need to stabilize both legs for a luxating patella surgery recovery. If you only need a brace for one knee, however, this one has very high ratings and may be worth the price since it’s not extremely pricey.

The Agon brace has straps to help keep the wrap in place and helps keep the knee stable and covers to surgical wounds to help avoid infection. The small size is for a 3.75” measurement and according to the sizing chart, the small would fit a Pomeranian of around 6-10 lbs. If your dog is especially small or closer to the high end of this weight range, make sure you do measurements before deciding on the size. The manufacturer recommends using the exact size that is right for your dog to obtain maximum results.

This brace is also made of a smooth mesh that is soft against the skin, but it’s strong enough to reduce inflammation. The nylon is strong and flexible and the Velcro strap assists with keeping the brace in place. The straps are also helpful if your Pomeranian is young and small or a little big for a small dog since the straps allow for adjustment to make the fit just right. The adjustment options make this brace slightly higher on my recommended list even if you need to order two.

Some dog owners recommend bracing both legs even if surgery has only been done on one knee. Some dogs will shift weight to the healthy leg and increase pressure on the knee joint on that side during their luxating patella surgery recovery. Having an extra brace on the good knee may prevent strain, sprain or other injuries during the recovery phase.

Dog owners who have purchased this brace have given it extra-high ratings because it can apparently be kept on the leg for long periods of time without problems. Some owners recommend giving the dog a break from the brace after 6-10 hours while others leave it on all the time in the first days after surgery. Your veterinarian can be consulted to be sure, but I like the Agon joint brace for the adjustability and durability.

NeoAlly Rear Leg Joint Braces (Pair)

The NeoAlly Rear Leg Joint Brace (link to read reviews on Amazon) is another brace set that automatically comes in pairs so if you know for sure you need two, you may want to consider this set during your Pom’s luxating patella surgery recovery. It’s a bit more expensive than the pair I reviewed above, but one serious advantage to this set is the size range. This is one of the few braces that come in an extra-small. For very tiny Pomeranians it could be a major advantage to have a choice between the small and extra small.

Another feature that sets this brace apart is the reflective straps. The straps give it the same adjustability as the Agon braces I reviewed, but in addition, you get the safety feature. If you tend to do a lot of your walking or potty breaks at night or in the early morning, it may be worth considering this set. The straps secure the brace around the rear ankle for premium stability.

If you are looking for a gift for a friend or family member with a recovery dog, this company also offers gift wrapping! They provide a 30-day guarantee and a lifetime warranty, so if you don’t love this set of braces you can utilize the money-back guarantee and if the braces break, they’ll be under warranty.

These braces are made of neoprene and nylon so they may have additional advantages if mesh support isn’t enough for your dog. If your dog had a severe grade luxating patella or will need extra-long recovery time from surgery, these may be the braces for you. I particularly recommend the NeoAlly joint braces if you need the extra-small size or if you need the added support from the neoprene.

Labra Extra Supportive Rear Leg Hock Joint Wrap (Single)

The Labra Extra Supportive Rear Leg Hock Joint Wrap (link to read reviews on Amazon) is a bit more expensive for a single wrap and it comes in sizes from small to extra-large. You’ll want to view the sizing charge if you are interested in this wrap since it will not fit all Pomeranians. It is intended to be a hock brace and not specifically a knee brace, so while it may provide support to the knee, it does not fit right on the knee.

This wrap still can be of use for dogs’ luxating patella surgery recovery since some dogs need a brace that offers support of more than the knee alone. Overall, though, some of the other braces we’ve reviewed are likely to be a better match if you are primarily using them only during luxating patella surgery recovery.

This wrap also needs to be removed every 2-3 hours and all night, so it may not provide support for the lengths of time that you will want just after surgery. It will limit the dog’s mobility during their luxating patella surgery recovery and therefore does help prevent re-injury. The Labra wrap does not have special options to adjust for smaller sizes. I strongly recommend the Labra joint wraps if you need something for hock support more than for knee support.

NeoAlly Hind Leg Ankle Braces (Pair)

If your dog is shorter than average, the NeoAlly Hind Leg Ankle Brace (link to read reviews on Amazon) is made by NeoAlly just like one of my recommended products above. This product is particularly useful for dogs who have short legs and would have trouble wearing the longer version of the NeoAlly braces.

The small size is recommended for Pomeranians around 8-10 lbs who have short legs. If you need a brace for an even smaller Pomeranian the company plans has released an extra-small version of this brace. This brace comes in a pair and is as affordable as the other NeoAlly products. It comes with the same money-back guarantee and the lifetime warranty.

This one has 2 adjustable straps including the reflective safety features. These braces are neoprene and nylon and are soft but very durable. This product can be very useful for a Pomeranian’s luxating patella surgery recovery and can aid the dog during all stages of the recovery timeline.