Hi there! Welcome to Spinning Pom, a website all about how we can improve the health and happiness of our Poms. My name is Jennifer and I’ve had the amazing fortune to be surrounded by a loving family which includes my Pomeranians.

I originally started this blog as a hobby to share my knowledge gained through all the years spent with my Poms, but it’s turned into something much more. It’s become a warm, welcoming community that I never dreamed would come, so I want to give thanks to you and everyone who’s taken part.

Pomeranian on couch
Rowdy taking a nap <3

So what can you expect at Spinning Pom? Everything I can learn and share with you about how to make our little family members happier, healthier, and more safe. Poms often play a central role in our lives, so helping them in turn helps us.

I hope you enjoy Spinning Pom and feel free to reach out to me anytime!