Top 10 Winter Coats for Pomeranians

You might think that your puffy Pomeranian is just one of those dogs that doesn’t get cold in the winter or during those cold spells. While Pomeranians are known to be able to stay relatively warm in colder weather, they’re not impervious to it. Once the weather starts getting close to the 32 Fahrenheit (0 Celsius) degree range, you’ll most definitely want to consider getting them a nice toasty winter coat.

Pomeranians are one of several breeds that have an ancestral link to a past Arctic working dog called the Spitz. Back in the early 20th century and before, Pomeranians were at least double in size and had a much stronger and solid body mass. They mainly resided in the Pomeranian (yes it’s a place!) which was historically located in what is now parts of Germany and Poland.

Your Pomeranian’s great-great-great-great-grandparents were very hard workers and got most of their work done in the freezing cold surrounded by snow. As a matter of fact, that’s the reason why Pomeranians have a double-layer coat! The inner coat retains heat while the outer coat keeps the inner coat safe from the elements.

However, Pomeranians aren’t as impervious to cold weather as they used to be, which is why it’s definitely a good idea to get them a nice comfy Winter coat. Even when it’s raining, it’s a great way to keep them healthy and warm. On top of that, a lot of the coats nowadays come in lots of different styles!

Here’s a quick overview of the top winter coats for Pomeranians, which we’ll cover more in-depth later on in this post:

JoyDaog 2 Layers Fleece Lined Warm Dog Jacket for Puppy Winter Cold Weather,Soft Windproof Small Dog Coat,Blue S
JoyDaog 2 Layers Fleece Lined Warm Dog Jacket for Puppy Winter Cold Weather,Soft Windproof Small Dog Coat,Blue S
Sturdy stitches process dog's jacket,Easy put on and take off with metal snaps.; Leash hole on neck,Elastics edges of foot and waist;
$18.99 −$1.00 $17.99
Fitwarm Waterproof Pet Clothes for Dog Windproof Jackets Outdoor Fleece Hooded Coats Black Medium
Fitwarm Waterproof Pet Clothes for Dog Windproof Jackets Outdoor Fleece Hooded Coats Black Medium
Medium (Chest16" Back12"); Made of soft and warm fleece fabric; Perfect for everyday wear, outdoors and walking

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To read more detailed reviews on the top winter coats for Pomeranians, read on to find out more.

Kuoser British Style Winter Coat

If you want your Pomeranian to stay warm in the cold Winter months, then one of the best coats you could get them is the Kuoser British Style Winter Coat (link to Amazon to read more reviews). Not only is this dog Winter coat stylish with a beautiful British plaid look, but it’s even reversible in case you want to change up their style.

One of the best qualities that comes with owning this coat by Kuoser is that it’s waterproof and wind-resistant. That means if any rain or snow get stuff to your Pomeranian’s coat, it’ll wick right off and never penetrate their coat. Also, it has an incredibly high-quality interior fleece lining that’ll surely keep your Pomeranian warm throughout the Winter season.

The fact that there are so many different styles to choose from is a great reason to get this coat. Your Pomeranian will be walking around in style in no time once you put on this lightweight, cozy Winter coat!

Kurgo Reflective Cold Weather Coat

There are a lot of great winter dog coats out there for Pomeranians that’ll fit most of your needs, but the Kurgo Reflective Cold Weather Coat (link to Amazon to read more reviews) is one that really stands out. Along with the fact that it’s reversible and water-resistant, which means it’s great for a lot of different weather conditions, it has a reflective trimming.

Having a winter coat with reflective trimming can be an important quality when choosing your Pomeranian’s next Winter coat. If for whatever reason your Pomeranian gets away from you and they’re just running around in the snow or rain, that reflective trimming could truly be a lifesaver.

While this Kurgo coat is slightly more expensive than your average Winter dog coat, it’s completely worth it. Not only is it effective at keeping your Pomeranian warm, dry, and visible, but it’s very lightweight and even has a useful hole on the back where your leash can attach to your Pomeranian’s harness.

On top of all of that, you also get a hassle-free lifetime warranty with every purchase from Kurgo, which says a lot about how they value their customers. I highly suggest you check them out!

JoyDaog Double-Layer Fleece Winter Coat

We learned that Pomeranians have a double-layer coat that keeps them warm in relatively cold climates, but often times it’s not enough. Doubling down on another double-layer with the JoyDaog Double-Layer Fleece Winter Coat (link to Amazon to read more reviews) is a great way to keep them warm in the harsh Winter weather!

I personally believe this winter coat by JoyDaog is one of the best on the market. It has a super comfy interior double-layer of fleece, which is practically guaranteed to keep your Pomeranian warm in the Winter. Fleece is extremely effective at retaining heat, so a multi-layer fleece will no doubt do the trick.

Another way this Winter dog coat will keep your Pomeranian warm is that it has elastic hole where your Pomeranian’s legs, bottom, and head fit into. This makes it even more effective at retaining heat while also making sure no water or snow get inside.

Not only is it sure to keep your Pomeranian warm in the cold, harsh weather, but it’ll keep them dry as can be. With a 100% polyester exterior layer, your Pomeranian will stay dry while staying comfy and cozy.

Hurtta Extreme Winter Hooded Jacket

There are some Winter weather climates that are just so immensely cold that no living being should be going outside. However, there are Winter dog coats out there that are heavy duty and will keep your Pomeranian warm no matter what.

Enter the Hurtta Extreme Winter Hooded Jacket (link to Amazon to read more reviews). This Winter dog coat is virtually guaranteed to keep your Pomeranian nice and toasty regardless of what the weather looks like. The unique foil lining material inside the coat creates a heat reflective effect that keeps your Pomeranian warm. This inner foil lining also encourages better blood circulation, which is not a common attribute when looking at other Winter dog coats.

Another fantastic quality of the Hurtta winter coat is that it comes with an exceptionally high collar and a warming tricot hood that can be lifted to protect the dog’s ears and head. This’ll not only keep your Pomeranian safely warm but keep all the wetness out when it comes to rain and snow.

In my opinion, this is by far one of the best Winter dog coats available. While you’ll likely spend a little more than normal, it’ll be totally worth it if your end goal is to keep your Pomeranian super safe, warm, and dry. You definitely want to check out the Winter dog coat ASAP.

ThinkPet Reflective Cotton Winter Coat

There aren’t many Winter dog coats that I’d suggest that are made out of cotton since it’s a material not exceptionally good at retaining heat. However, the ThinkPet Reflective Cotton Winter Coat (link to Amazon to read more reviews) is miles ahead of any other Winter dog coat made with cotton, so it would be impossible not to bring it up.

This Winter coat by ThinkPet is a great choice for your Pomeranian’s up-coming Winter season coat collection. Not only is it one of the most popular coats to buy, but it’s great for both Autumn and Winter weather. Since it’s made out of cotton, it’s probably better suited for Autumn, early and late Winter, and early Spring.

One of the best reasons to get a cotton Winter coat is that they have a very comfortable and soft feel to them. No doubt your Pomeranian’s going to love being wrapped up in a coat like this!

On top of all that, it’s reversible and has highly visible fluorescent strips, which makes it easier to spot in the dark and avoid accidents. I think it’s a good idea to get one of these coats along with another one so you have a good off-season and exceptionally cold-season jacket on hand.

Lesotc Foldable Fleece Collar Vintage Coat

One of the more fashionable and popular Winter dog coats that has been getting some spotlight lately is the Lesotc Foldable Fleece Collar Vintage Coat (link to Amazon to read more reviews). The look and feel of this coat is unparalleled and proves that your Pomeranian can look and feel good during those cold Wintery days.

I really like this coat for my Pomeranians because it not only looks good, but it’s very effective at keeping them warm. The outer layer of the coat is made out of leather while the inner layer is made out of warm cotton fleece, so your Pomeranian won’t be wet or cold this Winter.

Something I really like about this jacket is how it has a foldable collar. This really gives it a nice vintage look that’s often missing from other Winter coats. While some might say it’s an unnecessary attribute to a coat, I think it looks great!

Also, this coat is extremely easy to keep clean since it’s machine washable, durable, and not easy to get dirty. Even if it gets a little dirty, it looks kind of cool with that vintage leather look!

Kurgo North Country Fleece Winter Coat

We talked about the super heavy duty Winter coat by Hurtta earlier, which is a fantastic coat for harsh Winter weather. But I also wanted to mention the Kurgo North Country Fleece Winter Coat (link to Amazon to read more reviews) since it’s one of the very same kinds of Winter coats at a more reasonable price.

If you’re looking to keep your Pomeranian warm during the more extreme Winter months, there’s no doubt you’ll want to look at this coat by Kurgo. As the name suggests, it’s aimed at intense North country Winters, so you know your Pomeranian will be nice and toasty regardless of what mother nature throws at them.

This jacket is not only incredibly safe and warm for your Pomeranian, but it’s also waterproof, which is great for snow, ice, and rain. This is incredibly important if you’re trying to keep your Pomeranian nice and dry.

However, one of the absolute best parts about owning this Kurgo Winter coat is that it has a flashing LED light strip and reflective piping for 360-degree visibility in low light and in the dark. That means you’ll always be able to spot your Pomeranian, especially if they get away from you.

You can probably tell I’m a big fan of this Winter dog coat, so I suggest you check it out and see if it’s right for you and your Pomeranian this Winter season.

Fitwarm Winter Fleece Hooded Jacket

Fitwarm Winter dog coat

There are a lot of amazing Winter dog coats on this list, but one of the most unique and effective ones for your Pomeranian has to be the Fitwarm Winter Fleece Hooded Jacket (link to Amazon to read more reviews). Simply put, it’s one of the few highly effective Winter dog coats that extends all the way down to your Pomeranians hind legs.

The fact of the matter is that this coat is like a coat plus pants combination, which is surely going to help your Pomeranian stay warm in the harsh Winter weather. Not only that, but the interior is lined with fleece. That all goes a long way to keeping your Pomeranian nice and toasty!

Getting this coat plus pants outfit on your Pomeranian is also fairly simple since it has easy on/easy off snap buttons. This is very nice to have and makes it a lot easier putting it on and taking it off of your Pomeranian.

It also has a cute little fleece hoodie, which will keep your Pomeranian’s head nice and warm. It’ll even keep the water out from inside the coat, so you know your Pomeranian will stay warm and dry no matter what. All in all, this is a great choice for all types of weather, especially Winter weather.

Lesypet Winter Leather Jacket

Staying stylish while having an effective Winter dog coat doesn’t happen too often, but there’s no doubt the Lesypet Winter Leather Jacket (link to Amazon to read more reviews) suites that category just fine. This Winter weather dog coat not only gives your Pomeranian a cool leather jacket look, but it’s great for exceptionally cold weather.

I like this Winter dog coat a lot because of the leather jacket style, the fashionable collar, and the cozy fit. If you could keep your Pomeranian cold during the Winter months while looking stylish, wouldn’t you do it? There’s no question that this coat makes a good gift for your Pomeranian and any other dog out there!

On top of all that, it’s waterproof, windproof, and lightweight, so your Pomeranian will be able to handle the elements of the harsh weather without being weighed down. And if for some reason you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, Lesypet offers a 100% money back guarantee. There’s no reason not to get this leather jacket!

Ireenuo Reflective Fleece Winter Coat

We’ve talked about a lot of different Winter weather dog coats in the post, but there’s no way we can’t finish without mentioning the Ireenuo Reflective Fleece Winter Coat (link to Amazon to read more reviews). The reason this Winter dog coat is one of the best out there is due to the fact that it’ll almost completely covers your Pomeranian.

The design of this Winter dog coat ensures that your Pomeranian is almost fully covered, so they can stay warm and dry in almost any climate. Also, it’s waterproof, windproof, and reversible, so you have a lot of useful features to keep your Pomeranian happy and healthy this Winter.

This jacket also has a comfy inner cotton layer that makes it more breathable and refreshing when spending the day outside. There’s also a thick cotton neck warmer surrounding the neck hole, which encapsulates the heat stored inside your Pomeranian’s coat exceptionally well.

As an added safety feature, Ireenuo also put a reflective strip alongside the coat. I’m a big fan of Winter dog coats that have this feature since any rain or snow can make it much more difficult for other people and cars to spot our dogs. All in all, this is a fantastic Winter dog coat that any Pomeranian will surely love!