How to Brush a Pomeranian (The Ultimate Guide)

Pomeranians have a very specific look, so it’s nearly impossible to mistake a Pom for any other breed! Apparently, it is possible to mistake a Pomeranian for something else unless you know how to properly brush your Pomeranian.

I recently saw on my phone that my neighbors had posted a caution to pet owners because they had spotted a surprisingly pretty fox in the alley. They had a picture of an adorable Pomeranian and he did have some leaves and dirt in his coat, so it wasn’t too hard to see why they had made a mistake. Luckily the owner of the dog promptly posted in response and went to get the naughty escapee!

Brushing Your Pomeranian

I imagine that Pomeranian was in need of some good grooming that day. These dogs are smart and active so they love to roll around like any other dog. They have a coat that is so plush they can be mistaken for stuffed animals as easily as they can foxes!

Their coat is a double coat with the undercoat consisting of soft fur that is almost like thick down. The topcoat is course-texture fur that normally sticks up straight but fluffy and looks like a soft version of a lion’s mane when it’s brushed out.

There isn’t necessarily one best brush for a Pomeranian, you are actually best off having some variety for different needs. That’s one of the reasons why it’s important to answer the question “how to properly brush your Pomeranian?”

There are some brushes that are more likely to get through the coarse part of the Pom coat and there are brushes that are just right for fluffing out the hair to get the perfect trademark look.

Before you brush your Pomeranian, it’s always good to go through a general grooming routine. Have some styptic powder on hand since it’s possible to clip a nail too short or catch the skin during grooming. The styptic powder will stop any bleeding if it does happen.

Exercise Before Grooming

If your dog isn’t used to bathing or being groomed, you may want to take the time for a nice exercise session before you begin. This is especially true with puppies. A nice walk or some playtime can help loosen your dog up and work out any excess energy. The dog will also have a chance to eliminate while exercising, so definitely a good answer to how to properly brush your Pomeranian.

Cleaning Their Ears

You can clean your Pom’s ears with a cotton swab, but don’t push the swab inside the ear. Just use it to clean any wax or debris from the folds. Some commercial ear cleaners can be very helpful. Watch for any sign of mites while cleaning.

Clipping Your Pomeranian’s Nails

Trimming your dog’s nails is a great next step. Lift your Pomeranian’s feet one at a time and allow them to bend the knee joint. Identify the quick by looking for the lighter colored area of the nail. Avoid the quick at all costs since a clipped quick will bleed and can get infected. Trim the tips of the dog’s nails so there are no extremely sharp ends.

Bath Time

If you want to bathe your dog, place a non-slip mat or towel in the tub or sink. Use water that is warm for comfort but not overly hot. The only time to consider using slightly hotter water is when bathing before or after flea treatment.

You still cannot use water that will burn or hurt your Pomeranian, but it is good to use water as hot as the dog can tolerate if you need to get rid of fleas and flea eggs. The hot water will help kill anything and loosen up the undercoat so no flea eggs stay there.

If your dog isn’t used to a bath, take your time. Avoid getting excess water in the dog’s ears or any water in the eyes. Lather with shampoo and be sure to get the belly, tail, and paws. You’ll also want to carefully rinse the genitals and backend area. Rinse your Pomeranian until all the soap is out before toweling. Pomeranians look great with hair that has been blow-dried, just be careful to use a cool enough setting on the dryer if you do this.

Post Bath Care

If you prefer it, you can mist the Pom’s hair with a leave-in conditioner or a shining spray. Be sure to use products that are marketed for dogs.

How to Properly Brush Your Pomeranian

  • First, comb through your pet using a pin brush or a general grooming comb. This helps gauge the amount of matting/entangling there is and the extent of grooming they will require.
  • If you don’t have a matting problem, you can go to the undercoat rake. Otherwise, demat first.
  • Pomeranians need an undercoat rake to thin out or remove fallen/loose undercoat hair.
  • A pin brush can now be used to go through the entire coat of the dog for removing any remaining debris or loose hair and fur.
  • Finally, if you are looking to make your Pomeranian’s coat dazzle with gloss and shine, a bristle brush should be used.

A regular grooming routine will keep your Pomeranian looking amazing. While it isn’t good to bath Pomeranians every day or even every week, you do want to go through the basic comb and brush routine every day. This will keep the fur from building up any mats and your dog will look and smell better. With daily brushing, your Pomeranian will look ready for the show ring all the time!