Why Does My Pomeranian Have Tear Stains?

Have you ever wondered what these dark spots under your Pomeranian’s eyes are? They’re called tear stains and are quite common in solid white Pomeranians or those with light-colored fur.

So, why does your Pomeranian have tear stains? Tear stains in Pomeranians are the result of excessive eye tearing. Since tears contain a coloring agent that reacts to air, the hairs stain whenever they remain wet for a while.

So, why are your Pomeranian’s eyes watering so much, and how can you clean Pomeranian’s tear stains? Keep on reading to find out.

What Causes Tear Stains in Pomeranians?

Excessive watering of the eyes or epiphora isn’t normal for Pomeranians, and it indicates that your Pom has a problem that you have to fix. So, let’s take a quick look at the most common causes of watering eyes in Pomeranian that can lead to stains.

1. Allergies

Whenever something irritates your Pomeranian’s eyes, the eyes are going to start watering to flush the irritant. So, allergies are a common cause of tear stains.

Your Pomeranian can be allergic to a lot of things. For example, secondhand smoke, perfumes, dust, pollen, or plastic. It could be seasonal, or the result of plastic food and water bowls.

Some Pomeranians are also allergic to grain, and feeding them dog food rich in grains might result in more tears than usual.

2. Eyelash Problems

Another reason for watery eyes and tear stains are conditions affecting the eyelashes. Your Pomeranian might have eyelashes that bend inward and irritate the eye or eyelashes that grow from the wrong part of the eyelid.

As a result, your Pomeranian has watery eyes, swelling, and redness. The discomfort is so intense at times that you might also notice your Pom is pawing at their eyes.

While inward eyelashes don’t sound serious, they can damage the cornea and should be treated as soon as possible.

3. Eyelid Issues

Besides inward eyelashes, Pomeranians might also get eyelids partially bend inwards. When that happens, the eyelashes again brush against the eye and cause irritation and watering. They can even scratch the cornea and damage it.

Entropion, as specialists call this condition, is often genetic and might be present at birth. Usually, Pomeranians are diagnosed with this condition before their first birthday.

4. Cornea Injury

Pomeranians are often too curious for their own good. They can accidentally scratch the protective outer layer of the eye – the cornea – with a stick, a toy, or a blanket. Usually, you’ll see excessive tearing and some swelling and redness, depending on how serious the damage is.

5. Blocked/Narrow Tear Ducts

Another common reason why Pomeranians get tear stains is a blocked tear duct. Due to the obstruction, the tear overflow and wet the hair beneath the eyes.

Some Pomeranians also have natural narrow tear ducts, and eye discharge might be the only symptom that something is wrong.

6. Infections

Eye infections are another common reason why your Pomeranian has eye discharge and tear stains. You might be dealing with a viral or bacterial eye infection, for example, conjunctivitis. Whenever you notice thick and yellow eye discharge, you should get your Pomeranian to the vet.

Moreover, wet facial hair is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. Some types of yeast can also turn the fur around your Pomeranian’s eyes rusty.

How Do Vets Treat Watery Eyes and Tear Stains?

So, what are the most common treatments for watery eyes? Depending on the cause, the cure might be something as simple as flushing the eye to remove the irritants.

However, eyelid and eyelash problems might require minor surgery to fix the problem. The other option is electrolysis.

If your Pomeranian has severe allergies, they might need an antihistamine to reduce the symptoms. Eye infections, on the other hand, might require antibiotics or eye drops that have to be administered on a schedule.

How to Clean Pomeranian Tear Stains?

Let me assure you that tear stains aren’t dangerous for your Pomeranian. However, they’re not pretty to look at and mar your Pomeranian’s cute face. So, how can you clean these discolorations?

1. Find the Eye Problem

While tear stains are harmless, the underlying condition that causes them might be dangerous for your Pom’s vision.

So, your first step in cleaning your Pomeranian tear stains is to get to the root of the problem. Otherwise, you might clean the stains, but they’re going to reappear sooner than you think.

2. Choose a Tear Stain Remover

When you’ve identified the cause, you can get a tear stain remover. Most Pomeranian owners are satisfied with Petpost’s Tear Stain Remover Wipes (link to read reviews on Amazon) and TropiClean’s Tear Stain Remover Spray (link to read reviews on Amazon).

These products inhibit the growth of bacteria and yeast and form a protective layer to keep moisture away. You can also opt for organic coconut oil, which is also safe and effective.

Never try to remove your Pomeranian’s tear stains with bleach or other chemical solutions. Always choose products with natural and non-toxic ingredients. Read the labels carefully.

Some tear stain removers might contain antibiotics, which you shouldn’t use without your vet’s permission. Such products might affect your Pom’s liver or make them resistant to future antibiotic treatments.

3. Apply the Tear Stain Remover

After you’ve purchased your tear stain remover, it’s time to apply it to the affected areas. You need some make-up pads or a brush:

  1. Gather your supplies and keep them close to you.
  2. Get your Pomeranian when they’re happy and relaxed. Cuddle with them for a few minutes to put them at ease.
  3. Use a makeup pad or a cotton cloth to wipe the tear stains dry.
  4. If you’re comfortable with it, you can trim some of the fur beneath the eyes with a blunt-tipped scissor.
  5. Apply the tear stain remover to the whole stain.
  6. If it’s a liquid one, you should soak a makeup pad. If it’s a powder one, you can apply it with your finger, but you should wash thoroughly first.
  7. Reward your Pomeranian with a treat to make it a positive experience.

4. Repeat Daily

Tear stain removers are often very effective in reducing staining. However, you have to apply them every day until the discolorations disappear. It should take around 10 days.

Can You Prevent Pomeranian Tear Stains?

Now that you know why your Pomeranian has tear stains, you might be wondering if you can prevent it. Yes, you can.

One of the simplest things you can do is dry your Pomeranian’s eyes every couple of hours when they’re watering. In this way, moisture won’t have the time to set and discolor the hairs.

You can also take your Pomeranian to a groomer to cut the hair beneath the eyes. That will make it easy for you to treat the skin below for yeast infections.

When your Pom’s eyes get irritated due to allergy or something else, you can flush the eyes with a safe eyewash. In this way, you’ll reduce the tearing and prevent it from accumulating.

Moreover, you should:

  • Talk to your vet about switching to grain-free food. Some Pomeranians are allergic to grain and do better on a grain-free diet.
  • Get rid of your plastic bowls and replace them with ceramic and metal ones.
  • Switch from tapped water to a purified one.
  • Consider an Elizabethan collar if your Pomeranian is pawing at their eyes and irritating them.

Closing Thoughts

The reasons why your Pomeranian has tear stains are many. You can remove these dark spots easily, but they’ll come back if you don’t treat the underlying cause.