Review of TruDog

Pet supplies are in high demand and we are always on the lookout for the best sites that offer the kind of Pomeranian pet supplies that our readers might need. We hope that this review of the TruDog site will offer some more ideas for your best Pomeranian supplies.

TruDog is a family-owned and woman-owned pet food and supply company located in the Midwest. Their specialty is called RAW dog food and is a unique product line for Pomeranian owners.

History of TruDog

This company has a unique beginning as well, so maybe that matches its product in a really interesting way! It actually didn’t start out with pet supplies or pet food at all. It all started when Lori began to experience some serious health issues of her own and decide that food might be a source of healing. The family began to purchase natural fruits and vegetables and other good non-processed foods. They soon found that they were feeling better, getting fewer illnesses, looking better and had more energy.

Their lives were going better all-around until they learned that their wonderful dog was sick. Truman, a sweet Great Dane, had a tumor in one of his legs. They tried everything to help him survive but in only 6 months, he was gone. Lori began to wonder if their pets were truly eating as well as they were and they decided to look into pet food.

Lori was really surprised when she looked at the ingredients and studied up on some of the common pet foods on the grocery store shelves. She found that they were designed for convenience like fast food restaurants for humans. They were heavily processed and many contained large amounts of cereals and empty carbohydrates just to get calories into pets.

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She began to study and think about what healthy feral animals eat. Wolves eat raw meat, organs and bones to stay as energetic and muscular as they are. For Lori, to change her life by eating a better human diet was fantastic, so to ignore the needs of their pets just wouldn’t work anymore. At first, they began to purchase regular raw meat for their dogs, but they had to get a second refrigerator for storage and go through a messy feeding routine just to get the job done.

The family needed a better way to preserve healthy food without adding chemicals or cooking out all the nutrients. They found a small processor who could freeze-dry raw meat and allow them to serve pellets to their dogs, but these were no ordinary dog food pellets. These were freshly made raw-meat pellets without additives or preservatives.

The family, led by Lori, eventually founded TruDog so they could share what they had with others. Now they can offer products that are based on what dogs eat in the wild but it won’t require the mess and inconvenience of purchasing and storing plain raw meat. TruDog is named after Truman in honor of his memory and the family hopes that their raw-meat based foods and pet supplies can help other dogs live longer and healthier lives.

Food Product Line

Rawgo is this company’s standard line of premium species-appropriate raw dog food. It has all the nutrients that are desirable for any canine. It can be served dry or rehydrated. It has high-quality select cuts of meat, nutritious herbs and vegetables and a great scent of meat and herbs that dogs love.

Rawgo is a non-GMO food that is dehydrated at low temperatures which preserves the vitamins and minerals so there is no need for added substances like many grocery store brands. This particular food is sourced from New Zealand since the company was able to find high-quality meat that was also low cost for owners on a budget. It is grain-free and has no fillers and no by-products.

The FeedMe Real Meat Superfood is a product line that we love for Pomeranians without beef allergies. It has raw nutrition but doesn’t have to be refrigerated or frozen. It’s safe and nutritious for dogs of all ages and even the fussiest eaters usually can’t resist this food. It’s made from USA sourced cuts of quality beef, beef organs beef bones, beef blood and naturally occurring Omega oils from sources like herring.

What you won’t find in this food is fillers, chemicals, or grains. The food is flash frozen and freeze dried, so if your small Pom needs the food to be soft you can rehydrate it or it can be fed straight out of the bag.

Want Some Benefits of Raw Food without Changing Foods?

Some dog owners are interested in the value of raw foods but their dogs already like their current food brand. This company has a unique way to help add the quality of TruDog without having to change brands. The Fortify Me product line is a food topper that is from Midwest-raised humanely sourced raw beef. It gives your dog the chance to get benefits from raw food, it makes their normal food extra-tasty and it can be a gateway to changing to the full dog food line or a permanent supplement to your dog’s usual diet.

This product can also add calories for dogs that are underweight, ill or elderly. It is safe for dogs of all ages and can also be used as a snack or a treat if you prefer to feed it that way instead of as a topping. Fortify Me has no wheat, corn, soy, gluten, artificial colors or flavors and it also has no added antibiotics, hormones or added salt and sugar. It comes in easy to use 1 pound packages of freeze-dried raw meat.

Pomeranian Supplies and General Pet Supplies

TruDog also carries carefully sourced lines of treats, dental aids, grooming aids, accessories, and other pet supplies. They don’t just carry goodies for dogs, either. You may want to check out their selection of jewelry, t-shirts and other gifts for pet owners!

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