10 Tips on How to Stop Pomeranian Reverse Sneezing

Hearing your Pomeranian reverse sneezing for the first time can be a scary experience. It might seem like your Pomeranian is having a seizure or that they’re choking. Such an episode might prompt you to consider how to prevent or stop reverse sneezing.

So, how can you stop Pomeranian reverse sneezing? Usually, reverse sneezing doesn’t last more than a minute, so you don’t have to do anything to stop it. However, you can use a couple of techniques to interpret the repetitive inhalation of air if your Pomeranian seems distressed.

So, let’s talk in detail about how to stop Pomeranian reverse sneezing.

10 Tips on How to Stop Pomeranian Reverse Sneezing

1. Learn What Reverse Sneezing Is

If you want to know how to stop Pomeranian reverse sneezing, you have to understand why it happens.

Reverse sneezing is a respiratory event during which your Pomeranian inhales through the nose suddenly, rapidly, and repeatedly.

Usually, they do it standing with an extended neck and pulled back lips. After each inhalation, you can hear a distinctive “snorting” sound and gagging.

Sneezing and reverse sneezing have the same goal – to remove irritants from the upper respiratory tract. However, sneezing occurs when irritants enter the nose, while reverse sneezing is an irritation of the nasopharynx. That’s the area behind the nasal cavities.

So, pay attention to when your Pomeranian reverse sneeze to discover the potential triggers. It might be dust, powder, mold, or other allergens. Reducing your Pom’s exposure to those triggers should stop Pomeranian reverse sneezing.

Sometimes, Pomeranians also reverse sneeze when they’re overly excited or when they pull their leases too much. In these cases, you should calm your Pom whenever you see that they’re getting too enthusiastic.

Drinking/eating too fast, nose mites, post-nasal drip are other reasons for reverse sneezing.

It can be alarming if you’ve never seen a dog reverse sneeze because it seems like your Pomeranian is choking on something. However, it’s completely harmless, and your Pomeranian should be back to their normal self after the episode is over. If that doesn’t happen, you should go to the vet.

2. Massage Your Pomeranian’s Throat

Another way to stop Pomeranian reverse sneezing is to massage their throat. As I already said, irritations in the breathing passages are a common cause of reverse sneezing. So, massaging the throat can reduce the irritation and shorten the sneezing episode.

So, whenever you notice that your Pomeranian is reverse sneezing, you can run your fingers up and down your Pom’s throat. Continue to massage the throat until your Pomeranian stops reverse sneezing.

However, don’t try a massage if you think that it would make your Pomeranian more anxious. Reverse sneezing is neither harmful nor painful for your Pomeranian. But any panic actions on your side might freak your Pom, and they can bite you out of fear.

3. Blow Air in Your Pomeranian’s Face

When your Pomeranian is reverse sneezing, they tend to inhale several times in a row. So, blowing air into your Pomeranian’s face might disrupt this cycle and stop the spams of the reverse sneeze.

What you have to do is get close to your Pomeranian and blow a few puffs of air at their nose.

Remember that you’re not blowing candle or a pig’s house and that you should be as gentle as possible. Don’t allow the panic to overwhelm you. Otherwise, your Pomeranian might run away the next time you try to help them.

4. Pinch Your Pomeranian’s Nostrils Close

Another way to stop Pomeranian reverse sneezing is to hold your Pomeranian’s nostrils closed. That will make your Pomeranian swallow involuntary, which will disrupt the cycle of repetitive inhalation. It can also soothe any throat irritation that’s making your Pomeranian reverse sneeze.

Pinch your Pom’s nose close for one second using your thumb and forefinger. Don’t squeeze too much, or you might accidentally damage your Pom’s nose. Remember that Pomeranians are fragile dogs, despite their fierce personality.

Moreover, don’t hold your Pom’s nose for more than one second. Otherwise, your Pomeranian might panic when they can’t breathe and try to defend themselves. While Pomeranians can’t do much damage, you’ll lose their trust.

5. Press Your Pomeranian’s Tongue

If you trust your Pomeranian that they’re not going to bite you, you can try one other thing to stop reverse sneezing. What I’m talking about is pressing your Pom’s tongue down. That should make your Pomeranian swallow and clear the irritant from their throat.

Usually, when dogs are reverse sneezing, their mouths are partially opened. So, it won’t be hard to stick a finger in your Pom’s mouth and press down the tongue gently.

However, don’t try this method if your Pomeranians seems stressed or agitated. Otherwise, they can bite your fingers.

6. Take Your Pomeranian Outside

As I already mentioned, irritants such as dust and mold can cause reverse sneezing. So, taking your Pomeranian outside where there are no allergens might stop the episode.

Keep in mind that most Pomeranians won’t move while they’re reverse sneezing. Fortunately, Poms are tiny so that you won’t have problems carrying them outside. Just remember to pick your Pom calmly and speak to them soothingly.

7. Offer Your Pomeranian a Treat or Water

You can also stop Pomeranian reverse sneezing by offering your Pom a treat or give them some water. The act of eating and drinking will clear the back of their throat and end the episode.

However, don’t force your Pomeranian to eat or drink. If your Pomeranian is too distressed or distracted, they might accidentally choke on what you’re offering. That’s the last thing you want.

8. Do Nothing

Reverse sneezing episodes last for about less than a minute, usually about 10-20 seconds. They will pass without your interference, and in most cases, it’s better to let it run its course.

However, you should be certain that your Pomeranian is reserve sneezing and not in actual distress. Keep an eye on your Pomeranian’s lips. If they start turning blue, it’s a sign that your Pomeranian is suffocating. Watch also for other signs of choking such as:

  • Drooling
  • Pawing at the mouth
  • Gagging and retching
  • Coughing

If you’ve never seen a reverse sneeze before, you might want to search for videos online so that you know what to expect. You can also record whenever your Pomeranian is reverse sneezing and show it to your vet.

9. Take Preventive Measures

Since allergies are a common trigger for reverse sneezing, you can take some preventive measures to prevent Pomeranian reverse sneezing:

  • Don’t smoke around your Pomeranian or burn wood and candles.
  • Don’t use strong perfumes or cleaning chemicals around your Pom.
  • Get a HEPA filter to trap airborne allergens.
  • Vacuum regularly.
  • Switch to a harness if you haven’t already.

You can also have your Pomeranian tested for allergies so that you can know what triggers to avoid.

10. Talk to Your Vet

As I already explained, reverse sneezing is normal for Pomeranians. However, if your Pomeranian reverse sneezes every day, you might want to talk to your vet about possible treatments.

Depending on the cause, your Pomeranian might need an antihistamine to reduce the allergic reaction, anti-inflammatory drugs for any inflammation, and decongestants to clear the nasal passages.

Your vet also should rule other problems with the throat, such as a collapsed trachea (common in Pomeranians), nasal tumors, and nasal mites.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you know how to stop Pomeranian reverse sneezing, you can act next time your Pomeranian has an episode. However, you should speak with your vet if your Pom has a persistent cough or other unusual symptoms to rule out a medical condition.