When Can a Pomeranian Get Pregnant?

Do you plan to have more puppies, but you don’t know if your Pomeranian is ready? I remember when my Pom was going to breed, we researched quite a lot to make sure she was ready. We knew this was a huge responsibility, but we were willing to take it.

So, when can a Pomeranian get pregnant? Your Pomeranian should be at least 2-years old and have had a heat cycle to be ready to breed. If she gets pregnant younger than two years, it can be dangerous for her puppies.

Here, I will talk about the important guidelines you should follow before you allow her to breed for a healthy pregnancy. I will also discuss how to make sure your dog gets pregnant and what affects her ability to conceive.

When Can My Pomeranian Get Pregnant and How to Take the Right Precautions

Before you decide to breed your Pomeranian, you have to be ready to take on full responsibility. While breeding is a natural process, for these little dogs it can be dangerous if they’re not taken care of properly.

Important Guidelines to Follow For a Healthy Pregnancy 

Every dog must be evaluated before she gets pregnant; yours is no exception. How often you let your dog breed can affect her health. That’s why you need to make sure she is ready to breed, no matter how young she is.

Here are the most important guidelines you should pay attention to before you let your Pomeranian get pregnant:

  • It’s best for a Pomeranian to breed after she is 2-years old.
  • If you let her breed two heat cycles in a row, you must let her rest before she can breed again.
  • Ask your vet to check if your dog is safe and can handle pregnancy.
  • If your Pomeranian had a cesarean the last time she gave birth, you need to let her get extra rest before she can get pregnant again.
  • Don’t let her breed after she is 7-years old. Ask your vet if your Pomeranian needs to retire earlier than that.

How to Get Your Pomeranian Pregnant Successfully

There are three factors you should consider that allow for successful conception. These factors are:

  • Heat cycles
  • Overall health
  • Breeding partner

Understanding Heat Cycles Helps You Evaluate Your Pom’s Health

Every female Pomeranian experiences heat cycle. If your dog has these cycles, she will have mood swings, hormonal imbalance, change in behavior, and discharge.

The First Heat Cycle: The Door to Puppyhood

This cycle can occur in dogs that are just four months old. But, on average, a Pomeranian has to be 6 to 9 months old to get her first cycle. Occasionally, for a late bloomer she can get it when she is one year old, but this is pretty rare.

Since your Pom is still not an adult, it is the first step to puppyhood. At this stage, her vulva will be swollen, her mammary will be bigger, and she might have a pink belly.

Full Heat Means She Is Ready to Breed

When your Pomeranian enters full heat, then the first physical signs will appear. Her vulva will be three times the normal size, and she will get a discharge and ready to get pregnant.

When the bleeding stops, she can still get pregnant, so you still have enough time to let her breed. To increase the chances of getting your Pomeranian pregnant, wait until 10 to 12 days into the full heat cycle.

To recognize this stage, you should pay attention to the obvious signs. She will display humping behavior, groom herself too often, or start nesting. She may also desire more attention or look for privacy.

This cycle lasts differently for each dog. But, in general, a Pomeranian can enter full heat two times in one year. It can last from 2 to 4 weeks, but most often it lasts for about three weeks. Since the cycle lasts quite a bit, there is plenty of time to breed. At this period, your Pomeranian is most likely to conceive successfully.

Paying Attention to Her Overall Health Ensures Healthy Puppies

Since Pomeranians are a vulnerable breed, you have to make sure your dog is healthy before she breeds. The first thing you should do is take her to the vet for a checkup. See if she has any genetic flaws or hereditary diseases she could potentially pass on to her unborn puppies.

You can also ask for a blood sample to evaluate her health and make sure she has no infections or diseases. This can increase the chance of a successful pregnancy and healthy puppies.

Picking the Ideal Breeding Partner

When you are selecting her breeding partner, you should monitor their weight. For example, even if the male weighs less than the female, they can still breed. However, the male mustn’t weigh more than 3 pounds (1.36 kg) more than the female; otherwise, he might damage her organs.

Why Can’t My Pomeranian Get Pregnant?

If you want to breed your Pomeranian, you should know that every time she mates, she won’t get pregnant. Having multiple breeding mates doesn’t increase her chances to conceive, something else does.

When she is in her first heat cycle, her eggs are not mature enough. So, even if she has a mate, she will rarely conceive. Even though you can breed your Pomeranian when she is eight months old, to increase the chances of a pregnancy and a healthy one, it’s best to wait for your dog to be 2-years of age.

The thing about conceiving is that every dog has its own pattern. Some can breed easily, while others take a lot of time to conceive. Once you figure out your dog’s pattern, you will know when she’s in full heat and most likely to get pregnant.

Once she gets older, male dogs will pick up her scent. So, if you want to control her mating partners, you need to protect her during this time.

Be Prepared For the Worst-Case Scenario

Every dog owner who has a Pomeranian should be prepared to lose a puppy. I know how devastated we were when one of our puppies died right after birth. When a Pomeranian gives birth, there is a high possibility that she will lose some or just one of her puppies.

But that doesn’t mean it’s your fault. On the contrary, there are plenty of reasons that can make this happen. Maybe something happened and she had to get a cesarean, or she experienced some complications and the puppy was born but died afterward.

In these cases, there is nothing you can do that would change it. This is one of the most heartbreaking moments to deal with, but with a Pomeranian, you should definitely be ready to experience them.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, breeding a Pomeranian is not that easy. Even if she is ready to get pregnant, she might not conceive. To allow her to give birth to healthy puppies, you need to monitor her health and go for regular checkups.

There are plenty of factors that can affect her health. These factors can influence her ability to get pregnant. I know how vulnerable these dogs can be, so every fact matters, particularly when letting your Pomeranian breed.