What Size Collar Should You Get a Pomeranian Puppy?

Now that your Pomeranian is ready to use a collar, it’s time to pick the perfect size. The first time I picked out a collar for my Pom, I got too excited and bought one that was too small. That’s why I decided to research the correct collar size for my puppy.

So, what size collar should you get a Pomeranian puppy? General recommendations for proper Pomeranian puppy collars vary. They depend on their size; for 5 to 10 lbs Pomeranians, 8 to 11-inch collars are the perfect pick. These are X-small collars meant for smaller breeds.

Here, I will show you how to pick the best, comfortable, and secure collar for your furry Pom, how to measure their neck, and when to take the collar off. I will also talk about if attaching ID tags on your dog’s collar is the right decision.

How to Pick the Perfect Collar for Your Pomeranian Puppy

Purchasing the very first collar for your Pomeranian might seem like the easiest thing to do, but in reality, it’s very tricky. The perfect collar is not too loose nor too tight. For your beloved little Pom, you should invest in a top-quality collar rather than the cheapest one. Usually, the cheap collars are either too thick or wide for your Pom’s neck, so they are very uncomfortable to wear.

But, since you want your Pom to feel safe and comfy when, you should be prepared to spend more on the ideal collar. There are plenty of crucial elements you should consider before purchasing. These elements are thickness, adjustment, and material. Here are the essential elements you should take a look at before deciding which size chart would best suit your dog’s neck:

  • Thickness: If the collar you pick is too narrow or thin, it will feel very uncomfortable for your dog’s neck. It can even cause pain when your dog is trying to eat or turn around. Look for 0.25 inch width collar for your Pomeranian puppy.
  • Adjustment: A dog’s collar is the equivalent of a human’s belt; what you want is for it to stay secure in place without providing too much pressure. That’s why the collar has to be adjustable, preferably with a sliding mechanism that will be tailored specifically for your Pom’s needs. Plus, as your Pom gets older, you can adjust the collar. 
  • Material: Look for a lightweight and waterproof collar for your Pomeranian puppy. This is the ideal material for your little Pom. Don’t go for different heavy metals, like chains, since they will retain all the moisture after baths and rain and have a foul smell. Heavy chains for your Pom are not a good choice since they do harbor bacteria.

How to Determine the Correct Collar Size For a Pomeranian Puppy

The best collar sizes for your Pomeranian can vary, but in general, for 5 to 10 lbs Pomeranians, 8 to 11-inch X-small collars are a solid pick. The first and most important step to determining the right collar size for your Pomeranian is to measure your puppy’s neck. Once you get the right measurements, then add an extra inch for additional comfort.

When you measure your Pomeranian for the first time, you will face one particular problem, and that is the fur. Measuring your Pom’s neck is a little bit trickier than you might think. First, your Pom will have a lot of furs, particularly around its neck. The easiest way to measure your Pomeranian is after you’ve groomed it. It will have a lot less fur, and measuring the neck will be a piece of cake.

So, what you want to do when measuring is wrap the measuring tape around your dog’s neck and adjust it properly. Then, use your fingers to see if there is enough space to slide down two fingers under the measuring tape. The idea is for the fingers to spin around the tape with ease, but not slide down too much. You don’t want the fingers to slip off without staying secured in place.

Can I Attach an ID Tag on My Pomeranian Puppy’s Collar?

ID tags for dogs are usually manufactured because they look good. But, aside from aesthetics, they are a very useful thing to have, particularly if you are trying to find your dog. When it comes to ID tags on your Pomeranian pup, however, it’s a completely different story. It’s not a good idea to attach ID tags on your puppy’s neck.

ID tags are often heavy, too heavy for your Pomeranian to handle since they are made of metal. Even though the metal ID tags are incredibly useful for their water-resistant and long-lasting effects, you shouldn’t use them on your Pom.

Instead of going for a metal ID tag, try to get a collar with an ID engraved in it. These collars have embroidered IDs, don’t take too much space, and are not heavy for your Pomeranian. You can have your personal contact information engraved in these IDs to help you find your dog if it ever suns away.

But, to ensure that you always find your puppy, I suggest you get the collar microchipped to track its whereabouts no matter who snatched him. This can be really useful, which is why you should consider adding it to your dog’s collar.

When to Take the Collar Off Your Pomeranian Puppy

Your Pomeranian shouldn’t always wear a collar. While it will not damage their health if used properly, a dog collar should only be used when going for a walk. There are many reasons for that, and I will list all of them. The first reason is the fur. If your puppy wears the collar for too long, its fur will look squashed instead of fluffy and abundant. No matter how comfortable the collar is, you should remove it from time to time.

Another reason you should remove the collar is when you take your puppy for a grooming session. This way, you will make sure that all the fur is evenly groomed without leaving out the neck. But, if you do a small touch-up, you don’t have to remove the collar. When it’s time to brush you Pomeranian’s hair, the collar should be off. 

With each long stroke, you will be brushing the hair from the head all the way to the back to shed all the hair. If you leave the collar on, you won’t brush the neck and remove the shed hairs. Last but not least is when bathing. When you prepare to take your dog for a bath, you need to remove the collar; otherwise, the wet collar will develop a bad smell. Never place a wet collar on your dog’s neck. 

If you want to put the collar back on, make sure that your Pom is dried completely before you can use it. If the wet collar remains on your dog’s neck, the moisture from the water will be retained inside and leave the neck and collar exposed to bacteria. This is definitely something you should avoid, particularly when taking care of a Pomeranian puppy.

Remember, Pomeranians are a lot more vulnerable than bigger breeds, so they are more likely to get infected with bacteria or any other infections if you don’t take good care of them.

Closing Thoughts

There is a lot that goes on to picking the ultimate collar for your Pomeranian. From thickness, material, and adjustment, it’s important to pay attention to all the elements before you buy one. After you pick the material, measure your Pomeranian for the right-sized collar.