How Much Food Should a Pomeranian Eat per Day?

I noticed the other day that some of my Pomeranians ate different amounts of food, so I asked myself, “How much should my Pomeranians be eating?” That’s when I started my research.

So, how much food should a Pomeranian eat per day? For adult Pomeranians, they should be eating a quarter (1/4) to one-half (1/2) cups of food per pound of your Pomeranian’s weight per day. For puppy Pomeranians still growing, they should eat about one and a quarter (1 1/4) cups of food at five pounds and two cups of food at six pounds.

But is that all there really is to how much your Pomeranian should eat? Well, there are several factors to consider before feeding your Pomeranian. Apart from how much they weigh, there are feeding quantity differences when it comes to age, weight, type of food, and frequency of meals.

Age and Weight Make a Difference

The weight of your Pomeranian definitely makes a difference when knowing how much to feed your Pomeranian. While the differences aren’t dramatic, they can make a difference in your Pomeranian’s everyday life.

As I mentioned before adult Pomeranians and puppy Pomeranians should be treated differently when feeding them. As you may already be aware, puppy dogs, in general, don’t have the best barometer for knowing when to stop eating. Therefore, it’s incredibly important not to overfeed your puppy Pomeranians as they’re growing since they won’t know when to stop. That’s the job of mommy and daddy!

Puppy Pomeranians should eat a little bit different when compared to adult Pomeranians since they’re in a growing phase. Wouldn’t it be nice to pause their growth to keep them mini for a while? Here’s a quick list of food quantities appropriate for your puppy Pomeranian’s weight:

  • 2 pounds: 0.5 cup
  • 3 pounds: 0.75 cup
  • 4 pounds: 1 cup
  • 5 pounds: 1.25 cups
  • 6 pounds: 2 cups

Like I mentioned before, adult Pomeranians should eat between a quarter and one-half cup of food per pound of your Pomeranian’s weight. Here’s a quick list of food quantities appropriate for your adult Pomeranian’s weight:

  • 3 pounds: 0.75 – 1.5 cups
  • 4 pounds: 1 – 2 cups
  • 5 pounds: 1.25 – 2.5 cups
  • 6 pounds: 1.5 – 3 cups
  • 7 pounds: 1.75 – 3.5 cups
  • 8 pounds: 2 – 4 cups
  • 9 pounds: 2.25 – 4.5 cups
  • 10 pounds: 2.5 – 5 cups

When feeding your Pomeranian, take a look at how much they’re eating. If they quit early, it’s possible you’ve found a good maximum amount of food to feed them. Adult Pomeranians average at about 7 pounds, so 1.75 to 3.5 cups is probably a good amount for your Pomeranian.

It’s a good idea to watch how much your puppy Pomeranian is eating so you can fine-tune the amount of food they can eat in one sitting. This is different between puppies, so it’s important to take note of these differences. Don’t forget, Pomeranian puppies can eat a lot!

To know when Pomeranians move from puppy to adulthood is helpful when figuring out how much food your Pomeranian should be eating. Usually, this transition happens fully at the age of one, but it could be slightly longer. Once you know they’ve made the move to being an adult, you’ll want to adjust the size of their food consumption.

When your adult Pomeranian gets to about eight or nine years old, they’re starting to enter their golden years. I bring this up later in the post, but it’s important to keep an eye on their food consumption as it may start to decrease. Don’t worry, this is completely normal!

What If My Pomeranian’s Pregnant?

If your Pomeranian’s pregnant, congratulations on your future Pomeranian puppies! You’re in for quite a treat. My oldest was pregnant recently and she’s now a proud mom of some adorable puppies! But now she eats a bit differently than before, so I want to tell you about the amount of food a pregnant Pomeranian should eat.

Pregnant Pomeranians need a different kind of food than average adult Pomeranians, which includes various nutrients promoting a healthy puppy Pomeranian. However, the amount you would feed your pregnant Pomeranian isn’t any different than a normal adult Pomeranian. Your Pomeranian may eat a little more than average, but the difference shouldn’t be too big.

The quality of food that a pregnant Pomeranian needs is greater than when they’re not pregnant. Now they’re holding another set of Pomeranians and they’re going to need some healthy, high-quality dog food. One important topic to consider before your Pomeranian is pregnant is to know which kind of food allergies (if any) exist. Pomeranians commonly fall victim to food allergies. This should be known beforehand to avoid any issues while they’re pregnant.

Wet or Dry Food

I was very curious to find out whether there’s a difference in how much food my Pomeranian’s should eat when feeding them either wet or dry food. I decided to try the same amount of food on my Pomeranian’s but differ it some days using wet or dry food.

What I noticed is that they could always eat more wet food than dry food. Honestly, I think it’s because they love the taste of wet food more, so the quantity difference between wet and dog food, in my opinion, looks minimal. That wet food must taste pretty good to them!

It is important to mention that the amount of nutrients present in the same weight of wet and dry food definitely differs. The nutrient count for wet dog food is generally greater than dry dog food. The best way to ensure your Pomeranian is getting their proper amount of nutrients is by comparing the nutritional facts between your Pomeranian’s wet and dry food.

As a side note, I believe one of the most important ways we can care for our Pomeranians is to feed them healthy, high-quality dog food. There are so many additives and preservatives in dog food that are not all helpful for your Pomeranian. Food allergies are quite common in Pomeranians, so they really depend on eating better quality food. A good first start in ensuring your Pomeranian’s food is of good quality, take a look at the nutritional facts.

How Often Should My Pomeranian Eat?

Knowing how much your Pomeranian should eat is important. Pomeranians are little energy balls that run around endlessly at a time. Because of that, they also burn more calories than other dogs. As a matter of fact, this is a common attribute among small breed dogs. Now does that mean they should eat a lot once per day or some throughout the day?

I know some Pomeranian parents will feed them once per day and some that feed them 6 times a day. I personally like to feed them when I eat, so breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But sometimes I squeak a treat in there from time to time.

As Pomeranians get older, they may not be as hungry as they once were due to their changing metabolism. One of my Pomeranians is 15 years old and he skips lunch, so he only eats breakfast and dinner. I actually haven’t noticed a weight change in him, so it looks like he’s getting what he needs.

An important note about pregnant Pomeranians is that it’s common they’ll need to be fed more frequently than your average adult Pomeranian. If your pregnant Pomeranian starts looking a little hungry, it’s time to eat. Your Pomeranian will be much more hungry holding a new set of Pomeranian puppies.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how much food your Pomeranian should eat. In the end, it’s a bit of a mix between art and science. On one hand, you have specific numbers for puppies and adults, but there are differences when considering other aspects. When considering weight, Pomeranians simply need less food, for both puppies and adults.

Your Pomeranian may also like one kind of food that’s wet versus a certain dry food but making sure they get the right amount of nutrients is important here. When it comes to the number of times they should eat, those excited balls of energy seem to need fewer meals than they would have at an earlier age.

Another important aspect is food quality. While they may feel full after eating a meal, if the food is from a low-quality brand, then it’s not the same as a higher quality dog food brand. The reason being is that the number of nutrients, as well as additives and preservatives, are much different between high and low-quality dog food. My Pomeranians only eat high quality, trusted brand dog food to ensure their health is tip-top.

I bet right now you’re wondering if your Pomeranians are hungry. Well, they very well might be. Maybe go see if they are and use what you’ve learned today!