How Long Is a Pomeranian Pregnant For?

Congratulations! Your beloved Pomeranian is pregnant. Or maybe you are planning to breed your fluffy Pom and you’re preparing ahead of time. Knowing how long is a Pomeranian pregnant for is something you should research either way.

So, how long is a Pomeranian pregnant for? Pomeranian pregnancy lasts for 63 days on average. However, a Pomeranian can be pregnant for 58 days at least and 70 days at most, while still having a normal healthy pregnancy. If the pregnancy lasts longer than 70 days, call a vet.

Here, we will take a closer look at the average time you may expect your Pomeranian to be pregnant. We will also explain the factors that will help you take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of not only your beautiful Pomeranian, but also her unborn puppies.

Average Pregnancy Period For Pomeranians

When it comes to asking how long a Pomeranian is pregnant for, acknowledging the time period can help you make the right preparations. There are several things that may need to change in how you care for your Pomeranian during this period.

When your Pomeranian is pregnant, she will go through three trimesters during her pregnancy. Each of your dog’s trimesters will last for a period of 21 days. The average time that Pomeranians are pregnant is usually 63 days, but this might not be a 100% accurate figure with your own dog.

Even though 63 days is the average time during which a Pomeranian will be pregnant, your own Pomeranian may go into labor sooner or later than this particular period.

Some Pomeranians tend to give birth as soon as at the 58-day mark of their pregnancy. On the other hand, you do have some dogs that will only go into labor and give birth to her puppies by the 70th day of pregnancy.

It is important that you mark your calendar on the day that conception occurs. This will help you better track your Pomeranian’s pregnancy. When the date of conception is marked, be sure also to mark the 63-day period. This helps you have an estimate of when you might expect your beautiful puppies to arrive.

When Should You Be Concerned About the Pregnancy Period in Your Pomeranian?

When you have marked your calendar, expect an average of 63 days for your Pomeranian to be pregnant before she gives birth. However, if your dog doesn’t go into labor on the exact date that you have marked, there is no need for concern.

For Pomeranians, anything from 58 days up to 70 days is usually considered normal. Thus, if the puppies are delivered only 58 days after the date of conception, you should not consider this a major problem. You can continue with the routine of helping with the delivery and caring for the dam and her new puppies.

When your Pomeranian is pregnant for longer than 70 days and no puppies have been born yet, then is the time you want to start becoming concerned about your dog. This may signal issues with your dog’s pregnancy, such as a puppy that has turned sideways.

At this time, it would definitely be a good idea to call your vet and let them know. You might have to take your Pomeranian to the vet and have her checked out.

What to Expect at a Vet When Delivery Is Late?

When you take your Pomeranian to the vet because she has not given birth after 70 days of being pregnant, the process starts with a physical examination of your dog.

The vet will try to determine if there are any physical abnormalities in the stomach of your dog.

Your vet will likely also recommend additional tests to be performed. These tests will help the vet determine what exactly is going on with your Pomeranian and why she hasn’t given birth yet. An ultrasound may be conducted on your dog.

The ultrasound would provide a visual tool to help your vet determine the reason for the delay.

There are cases where one of the puppies might have turned in such a way to block the path used to give birth.

Depending on the findings of the tests conducted by the vet, appropriate treatment and actions will be advised. The vet will discuss these recommendations with you.

In some cases, the vet may advise that surgery needs to be performed on your dog. During this type of procedure, an incision will be made in the stomach of your Pomeranian and the puppies will be surgically delivered.

Failure to comply with your vet’s recommendations could put the life of your Pomeranian in danger, which is why taking action as soon as possible is a critical factor for you to ensure the safety of both the mother and her pups.

Signs of Problems During Labor

When your Pomeranian goes into labor at home, without any present complications, you should keep a close eye on her to make sure everything is going smoothly.

During labor, there are several complications that can develop and some of these problems could put the life of your Pomeranian and her puppies in danger. This is why you need to be on the lookout.

First, it is important for you to understand what signs to look out for that will signal your Pomeranian is going into labor. At this stage, careful monitoring of your dog is crucial.

The temperature of your Pomeranian will drop about 24 hours before she starts to go into labor and give birth to her new pups.

Usually, the temperature of your dog should be between 100 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit (38-39.2 degrees Celsius). A drop below 100 degrees Fahrenheit is a sign that labor is closing in.

If your Pomeranian does not go into labor within 24 hours after her temperature drops to this level, then it might be a good idea to get in touch with the vet.

When your Pomeranian goes into labor and no puppies have been passed during a four hour period, then this might be a sign of a blockage. Additionally, there are times when only some of the puppies will come out of the Pomeranian with others stuck inside.

The labor period should last no longer than about four hours. If at this time, you suspect more puppies may still be inside of your dog, then you should call the vet.

Additionally, it is also important to consider the straining of your Pomeranian for a period longer than one hour without passing a puppy a sign that something might be going on.

There are also times when a puppy may only come out halfway.

This could be a sign that a puppy is stuck. A vet should be called in order to inspect this type of scenario and determine what the best course of action would be to remove the puppy. The vet will try to save both your Pomeranian and her puppies.


Pregnancy in Pomeranians needs to be monitored closely. When you research how long is a Pomeranian pregnant for, the usual answer is approximately 63 days. While this is the average pregnancy time, you should note that your dog may give birth at any time after being pregnant for 58 days. If no puppies have been passed by the 70th day, however,  you should take your dog to the vet. Failure to give birth to her puppies at this stage may be an indication of a complication.