8 Signs Of A Pregnant Pomeranian

When fatigue and a firm stomach develop in your dog, then you should educate yourself on the signs of a pregnant Pomeranian.

Pomeranians are often considered the perfect laptop – a fluffy four-legged friend that always seems to be acceptable to attention. For those who own both a female and a male, having puppies might be thought that comes to mind.

When looking to breed with a Pomeranian, it is important to take several factors into account, including the appropriate diet that your dog should follow before, during, and after pregnancy as well as prenatal vitamins and supplements.

Once these have all been studied, you might want to initiate the breeding process. At this time, one critical factor in understanding is the signs that they should look for, which may indicate that your Pomeranian is, indeed, pregnant.

This post will discuss some of the most important signs that Pomeranian owners should be on the lookout for if they suspect that their dog might be pregnant – whether part of a breeding program or unintentionally.

1. Your Pomeranian’s Stomach Will Become Firmer Than Usual

One of the very first signs that your Pomeranian is pregnant will usually present as a firming of their stomach. In the majority of cases, this particular sign of a pregnant Pomeranian sets in soon after the pregnancy starts – even before any physical signs, such as an enlargement of their stomach, can be observed.

If you expect your Pomeranian to be pregnant due to a breeding program, then this is the first factor that you should be taken into account. 

A short while after expected pregnancy, you should inspect your dog’s stomach to feel if there seems to be an increase in overall firmness. Compare this to the usual firmness of your Pomeranian’s stomach.

2. Your Pomeranian Will Start Gaining Weight

A few weeks after the stomach has become firmer than usual, your Pomeranian will start to gain weight. This is a normal part of pregnancy, with the majority of the weight that your dog gains being caused by the growing puppies inside of her.

Those individuals who did not expect pregnancy should be wary of unexpected weight gain. Sudden excess weight gain in your Pomeranian without a change in diet could also be a sign of pregnancy.

3. Nipples Will Become Larger

Another obvious sign that your Pomeranian is pregnant would be a change in your dog’s nipples. In many cases, you would find that your Pomeranian’s nipples are relatively small and sometimes even inclined into the skin. When your dog becomes pregnant, however, the body goes through a number of changes.

One of the changes that occur is a preparation of the nipples and internal structures that will produce milk, an essential factor that will be needed to provide newborn puppies with the nutrition they need to grow and survive.

Through this particular change, the nipples of your Pomeranian will start to swell up and become larger than they usually are. Apart from the nipples becoming larger, there might sometimes also be a swelling in the areas that surround the nipples.

4. An Increase in Self-Cleaning

One of the more non-obvious signs that your Pomeranian is pregnant would be an increase in self-cleaning. Most Pomeranians do tend to clean themselves from time to time. This is normal behavior for this particular dog breed.

When your dog starts to clean themselves excessively, you might mistake this as a sign of something else.

The most common thought behind excessive self-cleaning would be a problem with ticks and fleas or a concern that your dog might have developed a skin condition.

This might, however, also be another sign that your Pomeranian is pregnant. When self-cleaning is significantly increased, and other signs that we note here are also observed, it might be a good idea to consider pregnancy as a possibility.

5. A Nesting Behavior May Start to Develop

Nesting behavior is also relatively common among Pomeranians that are pregnant. This is most often not one of the earlier signs that your dog is pregnant, but will often only be a change in their behavior later during their pregnancy. The nesting behavior of your Pomeranian will especially increase as she reaches closer to labor.

Dogs have different ways of expressing a nesting behavior. In most cases, your Pomeranian may continuously scratch at her bed, creating a “nest-like” structure for her to lie on. This is why the specific behavior that may be expressed by your dog is called nesting. There are many cases where you will find that nesting behavior is a sign that the birth of the puppies is drawing close.

6. Your Pomeranian May Become Lethargic

The puppies growing inside your Pomeranian is causing strain on their body and leading to several disruptions in hormones. Your Pomeranian suddenly also needs to eat for more than one, and many of your dog’s nutrients will be used in order to support the growth of the puppies. That’s why high-quality food for pregnant Pomeranians and prenatal vitamins are so important.

With this in mind, it is definitely not uncommon to find that your Pomeranian becomes lethargic when she is pregnant. Your dog may not be as active as usual, and you may find that your Pomeranian seems to lay down for the majority of the day.

Even though the lethargy often comes later during pregnancy, some Pomeranians may express this sign earlier, as well. In such cases, the lethargy may seem like a concern to you but could really be a sign of pregnancy, which is why other symptoms explained here should be considered in such a case too.

7. There May Be a Change in Your Pomeranian’s Mood

Mood changes during pregnancy do not only happen to humans but can also happen to dogs, including Pomeranians. Many people will note that when it comes to looking at signs of pregnant Pomeranian, a sudden change in their mood and overall behavior is an obvious sign.

The main reason why these mood changes may occur in your Pomeranian is due to the various hormonal fluctuations that occur. There is also added pressure on your dog, along with the fact that they may feel tired and lethargic. This leads to irritability and, in turn, a moody Pomeranian.

8. A Clingy Pomeranian During Pregnancy Is Not Unusual

While some Pomeranians will become moody when they’re pregnant, there are also a number of dogs that may have a completely opposite reaction. Instead of becoming moody and agitated, your Pomeranian may rather be found to become clingy to their owner.

Even when your Pomeranian is usually a clingy dog that requires a significant amount of attention during pregnancy, this need for affection may be significantly increased. You may find that your dog follows them around more closely and always tries to gain affection.


When your Pomeranian becomes pregnant, your dog’s body goes through several changes, including fluctuation in several hormones. During this time, there may be several noticeable changes in your Pomeranian, which the owner should look out for. These changes will present both physically and psychologically. Understanding what signs of a pregnant Pomeranian to look for can ensure you make appropriate adjustments to your dog’s lifestyle and diet to comply with their pregnancy.