Review of Revival Animal Health

When you are seeking to purchase medications or other items for Pomeranian health problems, you can’t always find the price you need or a specific item on a major retailer site. It is really helpful to have a list of high-quality online retailers to check, but these days it’s not always easy to tell a good site from a random reseller. That’s where Revival Animal Health comes in.

You know you want to buy from a place with a history, you want to know they’ll be there next week if you have a question about your product, and it’s good to know what kind of people run the site. One site that we recommend is Revival Animal Health, especially for products related to Pomeranian health issues or other small animal product needs.

History of Revival Animal Health

Revival Animal Health is different in terms of providing solutions for Pomeranian health problems. Dr. Roy Nielsen Jr. was known to his clients as just “Doc Roy” but he decided to retire from full-time veterinary practice in 1989. He started selling out of his basement that year and that first tiny shop became what we see as Revival Animal Health today! Doc Roy’s son, Roy Nielsen III, joined up with his Dad in 1994 and brought with him a great deal of expertise gained in the pharmaceutical industry. They produced a print catalog that year as well which really helped them gain more clients and get information out to existing ones.

The Revival Animal Health website went live for the first time in 1998, so they were early on the scene for online animal supply retailers. Some of the big names we know today weren’t yet online in 1998, but the Roy family wanted to do things right. They didn’t just want to create a site that tossed out mass-produced items and had no “human touch,” especially when people regard their Pomeranians and other pets as family!

Revival Animal Health logo

Revival Animal Health was so dedicated to bringing quality products out that they created their own line of Doc Roy products in 2005, honoring their founder. The products under the Doc Roy name are still big sellers today. Some of our own readers use the Doc Roy “Aches Away” to help with joint pain in Pomeranians and other small dogs with luxating patella issues. You can find the whole Doc Roy line of products by searching for “Doc Roy” or the specific product name on the main Revival Animal Health search page.

For Revival Animal Health, business grew very quickly once the website gained traction. They opened a second call center in 2006. The also gradually launched more product lines over time. For breeders, the Breeder’s Edge products are specifically for breeding dogs and cats and healthy puppies and kittens. They also added the VET BASICS line a little later.

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Prescriptions for Pomeranian Health Problems

Prescription animal products can be very expensive and sometimes hard to get when purchased locally, so Revival Animal Health also opened a pharmacy in 2010 for pet owners who want to get prescriptions from veterinarians but order online. They supply prescription medications of all kinds to customers who need them. Dr. Ronald Bramlage, DVM, joined the Revival Animal Health staff in 2011 as well. He has 30 years of expertise in small animal veterinary medicine and also does consultation and research work.

Having a veterinarian on board is really helpful for a site that sells prescription and non-prescription medications that seriously affect our pets’ health. Their pharmacy received VIPPS certification in 2012, which allowed them to help all pharmacy customers through the site. Those seeking items that don’t require a prescription will also find products the address common Pomeranian health problems,

Great Features of Revival Animal Health

Revival Animal Health also offers an Education area for pet owners and breeders. This part of the site has a whole library of information for all pet owners and pet professionals such as groomers, rescues, and shelters. This commitment to providing knowledge alongside customer care and quality shipping is what made Revival Animal Health the excellent choice it is today. They call this the Paw Squad promise.

When you head to the Revival Animal site, look for the bright icons to locate the Pharmacy, the Learning Center for education and their newest featured area which is their own blog!

You’ll also find clearance items and specials if you need a bargain, frequent sales for customers who sign up for the mailing list and products for all dogs, cats, small animals, and even equines. Today the company has a 25+ year history, over 60 staff members and they are still growing!

Revival Animal Health also offers something awesome and unique with their Quick Order page. Many customers still enjoy browsing the mail catalog to spot good deals or items they need right away. It is easy to circle or jot down items that you might want to order. When ready, those customers can go to the Quick Order page from the main site, type in the item number from the catalog and enter the quantity,

We highly recommend Revival Animal Health for Pomeranians and other small pet owners who need a wide variety of medications and pet supplies. Many items they have in their catalog help address common Pomeranian health problems. The site has good prices, great shipping options and customer support that can help you through the purchase process if needed

Do your Pomeranian health issues need to be addressed as soon as possible? Don’t wait, check out Revival Animal Health today!