Grooming Supply Costs for Pomeranians

Pomeranian grooming supplies can be really expensive. It doesn’t really seem like it when you get your first Pomeranian puppy though. A brush and some shampoo might be the first things we pick up at the store, but we soon find out that we are lucky if that is even a start.

When I got my first Pomeranian, I bought a standard cheap brush with a flat metal back and short metal bristles. I also bought a bottle of human baby shampoo thinking it would be gentle on her hair. I ended up donating those items to the local shelter and started over on my grooming supply plan!

One way that you can end up spending way too much on your Pomeranian grooming supplies is by making impulse purchases. If you see something at the grocery store and it seems like something you might need, you may spend $10-12 on a product that you later find out you can’t even use.

Pomeranians are prone to allergies and can be very sensitive to chemicals. Many of the plain shampoos, flea sprays, and scented powders are made by familiar companies that have been around since I was a child. They also load their products up with cheap soap, chemicals or both. One of the big brand names that can be found cheap at a one dollar store actually has harsh lye soap in it which can burn your dog’s sensitive skin.

Hair Care

A mature Pomeranian has two coats of hair. The top layer is a guard fur and underneath is a short undercoat. Pom puppies have short, soft coats that gradually fall out. In some cases, you need different grooming products for puppies versus adult dogs. Fur care is really important for Pomeranians and requires the proper Pomeranian grooming supplies.

A Pomeranian’s hair is not very easy to manage and without proper maintenance, it ends up dirty and tangled. Since a glossy and healthy coat is a sign of good health, it can be difficult to tell how a dog is doing with nutrients and general health when the coat is already in poor condition.

Since Pom fur is fairly long, unkempt hair also attracts dirt, oils, fleas, lice, mites, and ticks. You may not be able to tell if your dog’s skin is in poor condition if you can’t see it and the poor hair coat also contributes to extreme skin irritations, dry patches, infections, inflammation or diseases. Purchasing the wrong hair and skin products can result in even more expensive when you have to pay vet bills and replace the bad products.

Hair Brushes and Leave-in Conditioners

If you buy the wrong brush as I did, something like a pin brush with exposed bristle ends, the pins can cause a lot of problems. If the pins aren’t capped they may leave scratches on the skin that easily become infected.

Conditioners can help keep the fur soft enough to brush twice daily which is the minimum that should be considered. Just be sure you get a conditioner that doesn’t have harsh chemicals or you’ll end up spending more money to replace it.


Pomeranians do need regular bathing. Another thing that some owners do that costs too much is bathing too often. It is hard to brush the hair too often, but it’s easiest to bathe too often. Daily or weekly is not only too much, but it’s also expensive to use up high-quality shampoo and conditioner and it is bad for your dog’s skin and coat health.

Once a month is usually enough and you want to use a well-formulated shampoo and conditioner that keeps skin from drying and hair from tangling. A shampoo that is Sulfate-free is recommended

A good blow dryer is another item that you will want in your arsenal of Pomeranian grooming supplies. To maintain the high soft “fluff” of a Pom haircut, you can blow dry just after bathing and while brushing. You want a good quality dryer, so ultimately you’ll save money in replacement costs by buying the right one in the first place.

A hairdryer that is intended for dogs is nice, but the main thing is to have temperature control. A dryer that gets too hot will burn the skin and dry the hair out way too much.

General Grooming

Unless you can get your Pom groomed professionally very often, it is nice to have some home equipment for in between professional grooming sessions. It is smart to go with a single investment in a good pair of sharp haircutting scissors and a set of nice clippers with sharp blades. Scissors that aren’t intended for hair get dull easily and can get caught in the dog’s hair. They break easily and leave marks in the dog’s coat.

There are several cheap brands of clipper that you can buy at discount stores or order online. Most of them are remarkably inexpensive, perhaps as low as $10-20 and it feels like you are getting a bargain. Unfortunately, buying these will leave you with another item to replace. If you are lucky enough to get a single good grooming out of these, you’ll probably find them too dull to use a second or third time.

Many of them cannot be sharpened at all and some don’t even have replacement blades. They overheat easily and can leave razor burns on your dog’s skin or tear the fur when hair gets caught in the blade. Stay away from any set of clippers that is ultra-cheap.

Make sure that you buy a good set of clippers and that the blades can be sharpened. Typically the blades for good clippers are fairly expensive to replace, but replaceable blades can be sharpened at any shop that offers knife and scissor sharpening. With a good brand, you’ll also be able to find replacement blades very easily and there are different guide sizes to help you with home grooming.

In the long run, the biggest reason for paying too much for Pomeranian grooming supplies is that we purchase poor quality items the first time. Occasionally it won’t matter for a comb or decorative accessories, but for the most part, you will actually save money with better quality supplies.