50 Fun Gift Ideas for Pomeranian Lovers

Do you ever wonder what to get your friend or family member who’s just absolutely in love with their Pomeranian? Or are you looking for something fun for yourself and your own Pomeranian? Whatever the occasion, you’ll want to find the most fun and useful gift ideas for any Pomeranian lover.

I spent a lot of time putting together a list of the products I’ve purchased over the years that have been a huge hit for my friends and family members who are Pomeranian lovers as well as for myself. There’s really something for everybody!

So what are some fun gift ideas for Pomeranian lovers?

1. Pomeranian iPhone Case

Nowadays it seems like everyone has an iPhone. Well, that definitely goes for me too! A Pomeranian iPhone case is a great way to show off your love for Pomeranians in style. Once I put it on my phone, I definitely got attention from my friends and random people around the neighborhood. This is an easy and great gift for any Pomeranian lover.

2. Organic Dog Treat Cookbook

It’s hard not to enjoy eating homemade cookies and treats, so why not give your Pomeranian lover the best organic dog treat cookbook? It’s one of the most original gifts you could give because it’s fun for the Pomeranian lover and their Pomeranian. I bought the Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook. Personally, my Pomeranians are huge fans of these recipes, so I’m sure your Pomeranian lover’s Pomeranians will too!

3. ThunderShirt Anxiety Vest

Pomeranians have the unfortunate characteristic of generally being prone to anxiety, which is one of the reasons they bark endlessly at times. A ThunderShirt Anxiety Vest is easily one of the more thoughtful gifts you could give to a Pomeranian lover since it’ll have a direct positive impact on both their lives as well as the Pomeranian’s life. Easy win all around!

4. No-Pull Dog Harness

One of the most common Pomeranian health problems is a collapsed trachea, which is when the cartridge of their windpipe breaks down causing the windpipe to collapse on itself. If you want to help the Pomeranian of your family or friend, getting them a no-pull dog harness will go a long way. The Embark No-Pull Dog Harness is a great choice. Not only does it reduce discomfort, but it can also slow down or even prevent collapsed tracheas from happening.

5. Pomeranian Heart Earrings

Do you know someone who’s just absolutely in love with their Pomeranian? I bet you do! I sure do. Getting them Pomeranian heart earrings is one of the cutest gifts you could get them and they’ll remember you and their Pomeranian every time they see them and put them on. Plus, you can get a pair for yourself and wear them together. So much fun!

6. Adult Coloring Book

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been looking at adult coloring books and have been surprised at how amazing they are. If you know someone who’s a massive fan of Pomeranians and also has an artistic side, getting them an adult coloring book filled with Pomeranians is a great gift. I personally bought the Pretty Pomeranians Adult Coloring Book. They’ll get to let their creativity out to the fullest all while seeing the cutest dogs ever!

7. Anti-Slip Waterproof Dog Shoes

There are just some days that are excessively wet or slippery due to lots of rain, snow, or ice. Well, anti-slip waterproof dog shoes are a great gift for any Pomeranian that loves going on walks and gets their feet wet and cold. The My Busy Water Resistant Dog Shoes are an amazing selection. This is a great gift for any Pomeranian lover that has an active outdoor lifestyle, including walking, hiking, and more!

8. Slicker Grooming Brush

Pomeranians have some of the most beautiful coats out of all the dog breeds out there, so keeping them healthy, shiny, and soft is a must. Keeping them well-brushed is important because Pomeranians derive a lot of their character from the way their coats look and feel. I personally love the Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush. If you’re not sure what to get your Pomeranian lover friend or family member, a brush is always welcome.

9. Pomeranian Slippers for People

No one likes to walk around the house with cold feet, especially when they have hardwood or tile flooring. Pomeranian lovers will go crazy for Pomeranian-styled slippers to keep their feet warm all day! I found the Silver Lilly Pomeranian Slippers to be the cutest out there! This is by far one of the cutest gifts to get your family or friends that are big Pomeranian lovers. Who knows, maybe their Pomeranian will try to play with them!

10. Back & Neck Massage Roller

Pomeranians are extremely charismatic and active dogs. With all that activity, there’s no doubt there are times they need to wind down and relax for a bit. With a back and neck massage roller, Pomeranians will get the luxurious and relaxing feeling of a spa while getting to spend time with their Pomeranian parent. This is a great gift for Pomeranian lovers who want to bond with their Pomeranians.

11. Dog Grooming Gloves

Keeping Pomeranians well-groomed and looking good goes a long way when it comes to the way they act. Their character relies on them having an amazing coat. A fantastic gift idea is to get your Pomeranian lover dog grooming gloves so they can easily keep their Pomeranians looking and feeling great. The Delomo Dog Grooming Gloves are fantastic. I use these almost every time we’re relaxing on the couch and watching TV!

12. Reversible Furniture Cover

Have you ever seen dog owners tell their dogs to not jump on the couch? Well, a common reason for that is because they don’t want them to make a mess up there! A great gift to give any Pomeranian lover is a reversible furniture cover that can be used throughout the house. I bought the Sofa Shield Reversible Sofa Cover, but there are a lot of choices out there. They can come in lots of different designs and work fantastically.

13. Aquapaw Bathing Tool

One of the great things about Pomeranians is that they can be easy to clean because they’re rather small, but they still have a lot of hair. One of my favorite gifts for Pomeranian lovers has to be the Aquapaw Bathing Tool. I actually bought this for myself and absolutely love it. It makes every bathing experience with my Pomeranians much easier and far more enjoyable.

14. Poochie Selfie Ball

Who’s ever tried to take a selfie with their Pomeranian only to struggle to get them to look at the camera? I sure have! Well, the Poochie Selfie Ball solves all of that with a simple addition to any phone. With this selfie ball, your Pomeranian lover will get to take a selfie with their Pomeranians with ease then send them to friends and post them to Instagram!

15. PatChatz Two-Way Dog Treat Camera

One of the challenging parts of owning a Pomeranian is that they require a lot of attention and can sometimes develop separation anxiety. One of the most effective ways I’ve found to circumvent this is by getting the PatChatz Two-Way Dog Treat Camera. This is an amazing gift for any Pomeranian lover since it lets them have a one-on-one camera session with their Pomeranian any time and gives them a treat all from their cell phone!

16. Furbo Treat Tosser with Camera

Just like the PatChatz product, the Furbo Treat Tosser with Camera also allows Pomeranian lovers to interact with their Pomeranian super easily with their cell phones! The main difference with the Furbo Treat Tosser with Camera is that it’s only a one-way camera for the owner to see and this product shoots a treat into the air. So much fun!

17. DNA Test Kit

Pomeranians are known to be genetically part of a long line of Arctic work dogs that used to be located all the way in Pomeranian where Germany and Poland are today. Over the years, they were bred down to bite-size Pomeranians! I used the Embark Dog DNA Test Kit, but there are several options out there. By giving them a quick and easy DNA test, you can find out super easily where your Pomeranian’s genes originate. That’s pretty cool!

18. Bamboo Air Purifier & Deodorizer Bags

Anyone who’s owned Pomeranians, or really any dog, knows that dog hair can cause some smell problems here and there. By getting your Pomeranian lover a bamboo air purifier and deodorizer bag, they’re going to have a much nicer-smelling home while still keeping their home looking stylish. I bought a bunch of these and put them around my house, and the smell has neutralized dramatically!

19. Automatic Feeder & Waterer

One of the most convenient purchases I’ve made over the years to improve my life as well as the lives of my Pomeranians is an automatic feeder and waterer. Instead of making sure my Pomeranians have enough food and water throughout the day, they’re essentially guaranteed to not go hungry or thirsty whenever my family and I are out of the house. I’m personally a big fan of the AmazonBasics Self-Dispensing Dog Feeder and Waterer. This is an amazing gift for any Pomeranian lover!

20. Essential Dog Multivitamins

I don’t know about you, but it’s become a habit of mine to take multivitamins every single day based on the recommendation of my doctor. Well, the same goes for Pomeranians! There are a lot of essential vitamins and minerals packed into the high-quality dog food they should be eating on a daily basis, but you never know what they’re lacking. I give my Pomeranians Zesty Paws 5-In-1 Multivitamin Bites every day. That’s why getting them the best multivitamins out there is a great gift idea!

21. Personalized Pomeranian Coffee Mug

Seriously, one of the cutest and most fun gifts to give a Pomeranian lover is a personalized Pomeranian coffee mug! Not only is it a gift with a lot of thought put into it, but they’ll likely get the chance to use it every single day. And every time they use it, they’ll think of their Pomeranian and you!

22. Non-Personalized Pomeranian Coffee Mug

There’s always the option to not personalize a Pomeranian coffee mug and just go with one that has an incredibly cute Pomeranian picture on it! Again, it’s likely they’ll use their new Pomeranian coffee mug on a daily basis, and with a gift like this, they’ll likely switch from their old “go-to” coffee mug to this one. This is a great gift idea for any Pomeranian lover!

23. Pomeranian Stuffed Animal

Pomeranians themselves sometimes look like little, stuffed toys and are some of the cutest creatures on the planet. Getting a gift of a Pomeranian stuffed animal is a fun addition to anyone’s house. I bet their Pomeranian is going to have some questions though. The Gund Pomeranian Stuffed Animal is so cute! “Who is this new Pomeranian and what’s he doing in my house!?”

24. Dog Rope Toys

Dogs of all breeds have a great time playing tug of war with all kinds of things, and Pomeranians are no different. Replace those random tug-of-war objects with some strong, well-made dog rope toys that’ll withstand any aggressive Pomeranian jaw. The Pacific Pups Dog Rope Toys are LOVED by my Pomeranians. If they’re anything like my Pomeranians, they’re going to want to play with all of them!

25. Pomeranian Etched Wine Glass

Sometimes you just got to kick back, relax, and enjoy a nice glass of wine. And what better way to pay homage to your Pomeranian than by drinking from a cute Pomeranian-etched wine glass. The Pomeranian Etched Wine Glass by Etched Laser Art is so cute! I bought a bunch of these so that whenever my friends come over with their Pomeranians and we want to drink a glass of wine, we take these out and do it in style!

26. Pomeranian Tote Bag

Sometimes I head out of the house but don’t really want to take my purse with me every time. A great alternative is to use a tote bag, especially one with a cute Pomeranian on it! This Dog Tote Bag by Pet Studio Art is absolutely adorable! If you have a friend or family member that uses tote bags and is in love with Pomeranians, this could be a great gift idea.

27. Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Machine

If you want to be the biggest hero of a Pomeranian and to be loved by them for all eternity, then you absolutely must get them a Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Machine as a gift. They will go absolutely bonkers for this toy and it’ll keep them busy forever. Pomeranians love to play with bubbles and eat them up, so why not make them non-toxic and taste like bacon? Win!

28. Cough Medicine for Dogs with Collapsed Trachea

As I mentioned before, Pomeranians have a common health problem called a collapsed trachea, which is essentially a collapsed windpipe. While it’s not too painful for them when they get this, it can cause heavy discomfort and occasional coughing. By far the most effective product I’ve found is Pet Wellbeing’s Throat Gold Soother. The gift of a cough medicine specifically aimed at dogs with collapsed trachea would be an amazing gesture for them and their Pomeranian parents.

29. Dog Pajamas

Who doesn’t like to snuggle up and where comfortable pajamas? Pomeranians are no different and can look incredibly cute and stylish with all sorts of pajama designs. With their amazing puffy hair, they’ll look so cute! I’ve found the Soft Cotton Pajamas made by Fitwarm are extremely high quality. Each and every one of my Pomeranians have a pair of pajamas with designs that match their character to a tee. This is a great gift for any Pomeranian!

30. The Call of the Wild

If your friend or family member who’s a big Pomeranian lover is also a book lover, then they must have a copy of The Call of the Wild by Jack London. The story in this book is incredibly moving and should be read by every dog owner out there. This is a great gift because it’s a short, well-written classic that can be enjoyed for years to come!

31. Pomeranian Doormat

Do you know someone with Pomeranians whose doormat is a little old and outdated? Then getting them an adorable Pomeranian doormat could be a fantastic gift for them! Whenever I get home, I usually start to hear my little guys and gals barking up a storm, and the first thing I do before going inside looks at my cute Pomeranian doormat. So cute!

32. Pomeranian Notebook

Who doesn’t like to be reminded of Pomeranians? Whether you’re taking notes or just need a piece of paper to jot something down, a Pomeranian notebook can be a great gift that can be used year-round. I personally use mine in my car whenever I need paper, and so I’m always reminded of my special little bundles of joy.

33. Pet Carrier for Small Dogs

Whether you’re going on a short flight or need somewhere to keep your Pomeranian safe on a trip, getting a high-quality pet carrier can be a great investment and gift idea. I personally bought the Airline Approved Expandable Carrier Bag by Petpeppy. It’s important that a Pomeranian feels safe and comfortable in these situations, so for those Pomeranian lovers that travel often, this gift will be a huge hit.

34. Dog Sling Carrier

If you know someone who likes to take their Pomeranian almost everywhere but doesn’t necessarily like to always use a leash, consider getting them a dog sling carrier. I’m a big fan of the Reversible Dog Sling Carrier by Alfie. It’s great because it’ll keep their Pomeranian nice and close so they can feel safe and warm all at the same time! I love this as a gift and most definitely have a few myself.

35. Seat Belt Harness

You know the image of when dogs are sticking their heads out the window and are having an awesome time. Well, Pomeranians absolutely love to do the same thing, but they’re a little bit smaller and we don’t want them to fly away! You definitely want to check out the Multifunctional Car Harness by SlowTon. Getting your family member or friend a seat belt harness for small dogs will prevent any unfortunate mishaps while their Pomeranians tag along for a nice fun car ride.

36. Portable Water Bowl

Pomeranians have a lot of hair, so they tend to build up a pretty high internal heat over time. That’s why having water for them to drink at all times (especially in warm weather) is super important for their overall health. Gifting a Pomeranian a portable water bowl is such a good idea for anyone who has an active lifestyle and shares that with their Pomeranian.

37. Pomeranian Picture Frame

Do you know someone who has a million photos of their Pomeranian? I sure do, and I’m definitely guilty of that myself! Well, getting them a cute Pomeranian picture frame is a great gift as it fits perfectly with any Pomeranian pictures they’ll have. Not only that, but you could put a picture of you, your friend, and your two Pomeranians in it when giving it to them!

38. Pomeranian Shaped Pillow

Pomeranians are some of the puffiest and cuddly creatures on the planet, so why not get a pillow shaped like a Pomeranian to add to your Pomeranian lover’s collection? While their Pomeranian might be a little confused at first seeing another Pomeranian in their territory, they’ll have double the fun with a pillow to share.

39. Dog Gear Travel Bag

Do you know a Pomeranian owner that has trouble taking all of their Pomeranian gear around when they’re out and about? Well, gifting them a dog gear travel bag is a great gift since it can store all the essential items any Pomeranian lover would ever need. I bought the Small Dog Travel Bag by Overland Dog Gear. I personally keep one of these in the back of my trunk in case I take my Pomeranians out in my car and need something of theirs right then and there.

40. Pomeranian Dog Leash Hanger

Whenever I get even a little close to my Pomeranian’s dog leashes or say the word “Walk”, they all go absolutely bonkers! Well, a Pomeranian lover needs to have a place to hang those leashes, so gifting them a dog leash hanger in the shape of a Pomeranian is only appropriate. The Four Dog Leash Rack by Carver’s Olde Iron is a great choice. This cute gift is fantastic for any Pomeranian lover!

41. Interactive Dog Food Puzzle Toy

A fun way to pass the time with any Pomeranian is with an interactive puzzle toy that feeds them food when they solve it. Pomeranians are smart and can actively play a lot of fun games and win them! Pupper Pamper’s Interactive Dog Food Puzzle Toy is a fantastic gift! By giving them a gift like this, you’re ensuring they get enough mental stimulation while getting a tasty treat.

42. Indoor Adjustable Dog Gate

Sometimes Pomeranian owners just have to keep their Pomeranians bordered up in a specific area of the house. Maybe we’re having a dinner party or maybe there are a bunch of children running around that could injure our little bundles of joy. The Extra Wide Walk Through Dog Gate by Carlson is a great gift for any Pomeranian parent. Either way, getting an indoor adjustable dog gate can be incredibly useful for any Pomeranian owner.

43. My Dog: The Paradox

If you have a friend or family member that absolutely adores Pomeranians and gets a kick out of funny comic novels, My Dog: The Paradox by an amazing illustrator and writer named The Oatmeal is a fantastic gift. I bought this book a few years ago for myself and I have to say it’s one of the funniest I’ve read! It’s also very short and full of well-drawn images.

44. Metal Dog Crate

Any Pomeranian owner will get a lot of use out of owning a metal dog crate for many reasons. Whether their Pomeranians runs around during the evening when it’s bedtime, they’re in time out, or anything else that requires they stay put, this gift is essential. Besides that, they can still be comfy and cozy!

45. Orthopedic Dog Bed

I’m a huge fan of having comfortable and slightly oversized beds for my Pomeranians so they have a comfy place to sleep that allows them to stretch out. I bought the Waterproof Memory Foam Orthopedic Small Dog Bed by PetFusion for my Pomeranians! Well, getting someone’s Pomeranian an orthopedic dog bed can be an amazing way to improve the quality of sleep of their Pomeranian overnight!

46. Dog Paw and Bone Ice Trays

For those Pomeranian lovers that want to be surrounded by everything made out of Pomeranians, you should definitely get them some cute dog paw and bone ice trays! These are absolutely perfect for doggie play dates since you can serve your guests drinks with ice shaped like cute Pomeranians.

47. The Dog Encyclopedia

If you have a friend or family member that loves to learn about dogs and is in love with their Pomeranian, a great gift idea is to get them The Dog Encyclopedia: The Definitive Visual Guide by DK. This book’s become rather popular over the years and contains a lot of fun and interesting facts about all kinds of dogs, including Pomeranians.

48. Dog Car Seat Cover with Hammock

Taking Pomeranians (and really any dog) for car rides can be a blast for them, but there’s always a potential for a mess or two to happen while they’re having fun in the back. The Dog Seat Cover with a Hammock by 4Knines works fantastically! A fantastic gift for anyone with a dog is a dog car seat cover, which will keep anyone’s car interior clean and mess-free for any car occasion with their Pomeranians.

49. 3D Pomeranian Mold

Do you know a Pomeranian lover that likes DIY projects involving making soap and other kinds of moldable household items? Well, gifting them a 3D Pomeranian mold could be a great gift that fits their passion for Pomeranians and household crafts. Soon they’ll have a house filled with Pomeranians!

50. Bark Stopping Dog Whistle

Every Pomeranian owner knows the feeling when their Pomeranian starts barking uncontrollably. Sometimes the barking just needs to stop immediately! The Bark Stopping Dog Whistle (2 Pack) by ThinkPrice works perfectly. A great gift idea that’ll solve that problem right away is a bark-stopping dog whistle. With a bark-stopping dog whistle, their Pomeranians will stop barking in no time!