Top 10 Best Clippers for Pomeranians

To keep your Pomeranian grooming supplies within a budget, I found some kits that you can consider for your own needs. If your main requirement is a basic grooming kit for use in between professional visits, or a light-duty grooming set, here are some Pomeranian grooming kits that are economical.

Before we review each of the best clippers for Pomeranian in-depth, here’s a quick overview:

So, what are the best clippers for Pomeranians?

PetTech Professional Dog Grooming Kit

The PetTech Professional Grooming Kit is under $50 for moderate budgets and is a low-noise basic set for dogs, cats, and other animals. This kit has everything you need for a simple haircut and is a good addition to your Pomeranian grooming supplies. It is designed to have low vibration so that grooming is less-stressful and the company actually calls it “whisper-quiet.”

The clippers are cordless and have a rechargeable battery, so you won’t have to worry about getting tangled in a cord. You will have a limited period of grooming time before the battery runs out, but all clippers need cooling time so you can cool your clippers down during recharge.

The titanium blades are adjustable to ensure a precision cut. The kit also comes with “grooming combs” which are contoured plastic combs you can use while clipping. The company believes in their product and offers a lifetime replacement guarantee, so if you run into the kinds of trouble that can happen with some inexpensive clippers, you can have them replaced!

Beatural Professional Pet Grooming Kit

The Beatural Professional Pet Grooming Kit is also under $50 but includes more Pomeranian grooming supplies than the Pet Tech. This trimmer is recommended only for cats and dogs but comes with combs, scissors, a style apron, and a storage case. The low-vibration motor helps keep the clippers quiet and allows them to move through thicker hair easily.

The blades on this set are high-grade steel with a 63 Rockwell hardness and the company claims they are self-sharpening. You can remove the blade for oiling as well. The trimming angle and depth are adjustable by using the integrated taper level. There are also 10 different clipper guides included so this kit really has a lot of equipment for an inexpensive product.

These are called Corded/Cordless because they are rechargeable and can be used on battery alone, but you can continue to use them while they are plugged in and recharged if you don’t mind using them with a cord. They recharge in 1.5 hours and then will run for 2 more hours without another recharge.

This product does not have a lifetime warranty but it does have a 12-month warranty and dedicated customer support.

Hatteker Professional Dog Grooming Kit

The Hatteker Professional Dog Grooming Kit is a very inexpensive addition to your Pomeranian grooming supplies, less than $40, but be aware that the documentation does not mention any warranty. The set is a simple “what you see is what you get” clipper set and may be ideal for practice or a backup clipper set. It is a really nice-looking clipper with a stylish gold and silver appearance as well as LED lights. If you like flashy kits, this may be the clipper set for you!

This clipper set is quite basic and charges via USB, so it does not hold a strong charge for something that has to do a serious grooming job. The ceramic and titanium blade does not appear to be replaceable, but it is more heat resistant than some blades and will not rust. The ceramic blade is washable which is a plus as long as you understand that this set is for light duty.

It comes with four plastic combs to guide you in cutting the hair to a certain length. It is lightweight and might be good for occasional quick clips in between professional grooming times. It comes with one spare battery and a USB connector.

Enjoy Pet Professional Hair Grooming Clippers

The Enjoy Pet Professional Hair Grooming Clippers is one of the most inexpensive clipper sets on our list of best Pomeranian grooming kits and it comes with a lot of equipment. It’s also very light-duty and is recommended for cats and dogs, but those who have tried it have found it only ideal for fairly easy-to-trim hair. It does come with scissors, combs, and guards so it has everything to do an occasional complete trim.

The battery on this one is quite strong and will last for 7 hours after a 3-hour charge. The battery life is longer than most. It should last through about 5000 charges.

The blade has 33 teeth which are more than some clippers. The set comes with oil to keep the blade running smoothly. Some users with long-haired pets have said that these clippers work best if you scissor off some of the hair and then use the clippers only for finish work. These do not appear to come with any warranty.

Sminiker Professional Pet Grooming Kit

The Sminiker Professional Pet Grooming Kit is another of the least expensive clippers on our list of best Pomeranian grooming kits and the company says they are heavy-duty and stable. They come with 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, and 12 mm guides/combs to help determine the hair length.

The angled blades are Titanium and ceramic for cool and rust-free cutting. The blade is also adjustable from 2 mm to 0.9 mm. The motor runs quietly with a working noise of less than 60 dB. The clippers are cordless and must be charged for 5 hours to run for 70 minutes.

Some users have reported that these clippers do work very well in spite of the economy equipment. They do also come with a very limited one-year warranty.

Ceenwes Low Noise Pet Clippers

The Ceenwes Low Noise Pet Clippers is a low-cost clipper set in our list of Pomeranian grooming kits that is fairly new on the marketplace. It comes with stainless steel scissors and a nail kit which is nice, since trimming the nails during a grooming session is a good habit. The set also comes with a charger, a cleaning brush, and 4 comb attachments in 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, and 12 mm.

These are also marketed as low vibration and ultra-quiet at around 60 dB, though they are not guaranteed to be under 60 dB. The charger takes 5 hours to attain a full charge and the clippers will run for around 70 minutes.

The blade is Titanium and is adjustable from 0.8-2 mm. The entire set comes with a good 2-year warranty and you can get the clippers replaced if you are not satisfied.

PetSpark Home Grooming Kit

The PetSpark Home Grooming Kit is a moderately priced grooming set for your Pomeranian grooming kits that’s still under $50.

It is a really nice set of grooming tools for small dogs, though, and the brushes, combs, bows, and other included items should work fine for Pomeranians, so a good addition to your Pomeranian grooming supplies. This kit does not include electric clippers, this set is designed for a scissor haircut and a nice cleanup of hair and nails on small dogs.

The product comes in a nice kit with a brush, comb, detangler, flea comb, stainless steel scissors, nail clippers, file, a pouch with a handle, and 3 hair bows. Instructions are also included on how to use all the items for grooming.

Baorun Professional Pet Grooming Kit

The Baorun Professional Pet Grooming Kit is moderately priced and is recommended for small dogs. This brand is usually marketed as heavy-duty clippers with self-sharpening blades. They are cordless, rechargeable, and an excellent addition to anyone’s Pomeranian grooming supplies.

These are low-noise clippers with a high-capacity battery. They come with scissors and some extra accessories that are not described in detail on the site. You do get a 1-year warranty and Baorun promises to refund you or replace the set if you have any issues.

FocusPet Professional Pet Grooming Kit

The FocusPet Professional Pet Grooming Kit set comes with cordless rechargeable clippers, 4 Comb Attachments & 4 Extra Tools for Dogs Cats, and Pets. This one comes packed with a lot of extras. It includes the power adapter, cleaning brush, and 4 guides in 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, and 12 mm. It also comes with stainless steel scissors, a nail clipper kit, and a stainless steel comb.

The blades are sharp titanium combined with a ceramic moving blade. The kit does not come with blade oil. A knob allows for blade adjustment from 0.8mm-2mm. The charger needs 4-5 hours to get these clippers up to full charge and allow for about an hour of run time.

FocusPet includes a guide that is marketed to teach all you need to know about grooming even if it’s your first time trying it, which is a great helper document for how to use your Pomeranian grooming kit. The company recommends scissoring the top layer of hair on thick coats and then using the clippers as a finishing tool. They make it known that the clippers will jam on thick un-scissored hair.

Gindoly Dog Grooming Kit

The Gindoly Dog Grooming Kit is one of the pricier ones on our list of best Pomeranian grooming kits but is still less than a truly long-term professional clipper. The Gindoly has a stainless steel and ceramic blade. The blade has slightly different adjustment sizes from 1.6 mm to 1.9 mm and the blade can be removed for cleaning.

This clipper has one of the better batteries and will run for 5 hours on a 3-hour charge. The clipper has an LED power indicator to help you be aware of how much power you have left. The motor is a German import and runs at lower than 50 dB. It is one of the quieter clippers on our list as well.