What You Need to Know About Pomeranian Puppies

Anyone would go wild the moment they notice a little Pomeranian walk down the street. Mine always takes all the attention away in mere seconds. If you have a puppy, there are definitely some things you should know about that can come in handy.

So, what to know about Pomeranian puppies? Pomeranian puppies are active, agile, competitive, compact, and capable dogs. Unless you teach them obedience, they won’t obey. They’re sensitive and hate being alone. They’re affectionate with the family, but not that kid-friendly.

While Pomeranian puppies need time to grow and develop, the moment they can walk, they will be your cutest troublemakers. Here, I will talk about their unique characteristics, behavior, health, and other facts you should know.

9 Things You Need to Know About Pomeranian Puppies

Your puppies are the cutest and softest furballs you’ll ever get the pleasure of holding. I remember when my puppies were born, we paid so much attention to them and gave them everything they needed. They are now fully grown, and I love them to bits.

While they may not be the best guard dogs, after all, they are tiny, and they will do their best to protect you. That’s what love is all about, right? Here I will list a couple of other stuff about your puppy you should know about.

1. Pomeranian Puppies Learn Fast and Are Perfect for Training

If you want to teach your dog to do tricks, you can easily do it with your Pomeranian. Your dog is very smart and will quickly understand all that you’re trying to teach him. But, there is one minor setback.

While you do some home training for your puppy, you should particularly focus on its outdoor training as well.

Indoor training teaches your puppy patience and consistency, but on the outside, you will have to put a lot more effort into it. Remember, your puppy is a vulnerable breed. They’re soft and can easily get hurt.

But due to their competitive nature, they can provoke other animals much bigger than them. To make sure that your puppy doesn’t take more than it can chew, you need a cue word. With the help of a cue word, the puppy will quickly follow you and avoid danger.

2. Your Puppy Needs a Proper Meal Plan for Healthy Development

When your puppy is still little, you may need to feed it as much as four times a day consisting of little portions each time. If you fill a bowl of food and place it on the ground, you’re risking a lot. Your puppy will probably eat all of it and become obese.

This is something you should definitely avoid if you don’t want your puppy to experience heart issues or other health-related problems. So, when it comes to meal planning, you need to look for foods that have the proper ratio of phosphorus and calcium.

Home-made meals or adult dog food won’t do. You will need top-quality commercial puppy food to feed your puppy. The best options for your Pom are wet food, dry food, dairy products, and minced chicken carcass.

3. Your Puppy Can Experience Separation Anxiety When You’re Away

Your puppy may not show it, but they love you. The moment you go away, your puppy will feel abandoned, alone, and desperate. If you’re gone for too long, they can experience separation anxiety. This is typical for Pomeranians since they quickly get attached to their owners.

If you give them a little love, they will return in 10 times more. So, even if you have to go to work and leave your puppy with family members, your Pom may not feel safe around other people, unless you’re there.

My puppy always got sad and cried every time I had to go to work. This would break my heart, but I knew she was safe, so I left her home. If yours has the same problem, it might be a good idea to ask a dog trainer to reduce their anxiety.

4. Your Puppy Thinks They’re Royalty and Loves the Attention

I think you’ve probably noticed, but every Pomeranian, even yours, will walk around the place expecting everyone to turn their heads and give them attention. It’s most likely because your dog feels like royalty and loves it.

Better yet, it will make the most of it. After all, who can resist those googly eyes? This behavior is typical for small breed dogs. They do have a small body, but in their minds they are on top of the world.

5. Your Pomeranian Is a Spitz Breed – a Small Dog with Wolfish Traits

It may not look like it, but your puppy is a spitz breed, like Akitas and malamutes. Their commanding and cocky nature come from their wolfish traits. Your dog won’t care how small it is, and it will try to be the boss of everyone.

6. Always Pick a Harness Not a Collar for Your Pomeranian

Your Pomeranian is fragile. When you want to use a collar, think about their bodies. Your puppy is a gentle creature, so instead of a collar, use a harness. This will not apply too much pressure on their shoulders or backs, and it’s a lot safer option for their windpipe.

7. Pomeranian Puppies Are Not the Best Dogs with Kids

Don’t let their small size fool you. Your Pomeranian puppy is not ready to accept children, particularly if they’re close in size. There are two reasons why I wouldn’t recommend keeping your Pomeranian puppy if you have kids.

The first reason is that your dog is extremely fragile. It has soft bones and can get hurt a lot easier than bigger breeds. When children are little, they’re in the phase where they test their limits and don’t know their strength. So, when they pick up the puppy, they can really hurt him.

The second reason is your puppy’s behavior. Pomeranians are proud dogs. If they don’t like the child, they are more likely to lash out.

8. Your Pomeranian Can Easily Get Snatched by Birds

The strange thing is that your puppy will be the prey of many species, like owls, hawks, and eagles. In one fell swoop, these birds can grab your little Pom with their talons and fly away. So, if you want to go outside with your puppy, make sure you keep an eye on it at all times.

9. Your Pomeranian Will Bark a Lot

When your puppy learns to bark, it will bark all day every day unless you teach it otherwise. Even at the slightest movement, it will bark. That’s why it’s crucial, while your Pom is still little to train him a barking command as quickly as possible. If you don’t, then you will definitely get introduced to one heck of a headache.


These bossy little Poms have plenty of good and bad sides. While they are cool-tempered and playful, they think they can rule the world. If you want to take good care of your puppy, you should know everything there is to know about Pomeranians; even some random fun things can help.