20 Ways to Make Your Pomeranian Happy and Healthy

As a Pomeranian parent, helping my Pomeranians live long, healthy, and happy lives brings my family and me so much joy. Whether it’s feeding them great food, playing with them when I get home, or simply petting them while watching a movie, it’s truly the small things that make a difference. And as we know, it’s often the small things that count.

While Pomeranians are generally happy, bouncing little dogs full of joy and life, they can still enter a mode of stress and, sadly, depression. Whenever I used to see any of my Pomeranians acting down and out, I tried so many ways to make them happy. After a lot of research and trying out different things, I found out just what it takes to make even the lowest Pomeranians happy.

So what are the best ways to make your Pomeranian happy?

1. Healthy, High-Quality Food

You know the saying “You are what you eat”. Well when it comes to Pomeranians, it’s no different. Making sure your Pomeranian eats healthy, high-quality food is an important ingredient in ensuring your Pomeranian is physically and mentally healthy. One of the greatest pleasures in life is eating good food, and I’m sure Pomeranians get that feeling too.

Pomeranians, among other small breeds, are known to have allergic reactions to certain food additives and ingredients. With that in mind, it’s important that you purchase food from high-quality, known brands that ideally use organic ingredients. As a Pomeranian parent, I always keep an eye on my Pomeranians activity after feeding them anything new to see if they have any adverse reactions.

2. Daily Walks

A healthy body leads a healthy mind, and one of the best ways to keep a Pomeranian healthy and happy is to take them on a short walk around the neighborhood. Being able to stretch out and explore their local surroundings is important because it gives them a chance to move their bodies, breathe in fresh air, and maybe even socialize with other dogs.

It’s generally advised that taking your Pomeranian for a walk twice a day is ideal. However, I’ve found that difficult at times and, from my observation, at least giving them a daily walk seems to keep my Pomeranians happy and healthy. If you have the time for twice a day, that’s great! But at least aim for once a day.

3. No Pull Dog Harness

I don’t know about you, but whenever I take my Pomeranians on a walk around our neighborhood they seem to always be tugging on their leash! Whether they want to walk faster or feel the need to “socialize” (aka bark) at other people and dogs, their leash generally has no slack on it. But I realized that this isn’t the best for their throats, so I bought them some no pull dog harnesses.

I suggest getting a no-pull dog harness for every Pomeranian out there because Pomeranians are prone to have a common health problem called a collapsed trachea. A collapsed trachea is when the cartilage of your Pomeranians windpipe degrades, causing their windpipe to collapse on itself. Sadly, this is usually unavoidable as it’s a genetic disorder, so buying a no-pull dog harness helps reduce the discomfort they may feel when going on walks.

4. Stylish Haircut

The feeling after getting your haircut is one of the most unique feelings on the planet, and that goes double for Pomeranians! While I’ll admit that not all of my Pomeranians enjoy the act of getting a haircut, they all love the feeling afterward. Not only do they look great, but the attention they get after walking out of the groomer is unparalleled. And, of course, they love that.

I always take them to my local groomer so we can try out different Pomeranian haircuts. Also, it’s important that your local groomer has experience grooming Pomeranians since cutting their inner coat can cause irreversible damage. Do yourself and your Pomeranian a favor and find a qualified dog groomer with experience giving Pomeranians haircuts.

5. Daily Brushing

Keeping a healthy head of hair is a great way to feel confident and happy in our everyday lives, and the same surely goes for Pomeranians. When it comes to Pomeranians, one of the most emblematic qualities they have is their beautiful hair, so keeping your Pomeranian well groomed and brushed can go a long way in ensuring your Pomeranian is happy.

While not all Pomeranians are excited about getting their hair brushed, they always love the feeling afterward! Not only does it improve the health of their coat, but also their skin by spreading out the essential oils they naturally produce. I personally brush my Pomeranians hair with the Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush (link to read reviews on Amazon) once a day. They love it!

6. Occasional Treats

Who doesn’t like the occasional treat? I don’t know about you, but chocolate here and there definitely keeps me in a good mood. Well, Pomeranians can’t have chocolate, but they should be rewarded from time to time with a nice healthy dog treat. Whether you’re trying to reinforce good behavior or just want to spoil them a little, an occasional treat is a great way to making your Pomeranian happy.

When it comes to giving my Pomeranians treats, I try not to do it more than once per day. A great time to give your Pomeranian a treat is after they’ve done something good. This not only makes them happy, but it tells them that what they’ve done is a good thing. Giving them a treat after going outside to use the bathroom and coming back in on there own is usually what I do.

7. Comfy Bed

We spend a lot of our lives sleeping and when it comes to Pomeranians, it’s even more! There’s no doubt that a healthy lifestyle requires a cozy, comfy bed to sleep in, so buying your Pomeranian a comfy bed will go a long way in improving your Pomeranian’s health and happiness.

I’ve bought several dog beds over the years and discovered that getting my Pomeranians a bed that’s slightly bigger than their bodies is usually a good idea. The reason for this is that it gives them more space to stretch out and even roll around.

Another great practice is to regularly clean your Pomeranians bed so that there are no bacteria, reducing the chances of getting your Pomeranian and anyone else sick. If you’re in the market for a dog bed for your Pomeranian, I’d suggest the PetFusion Memory Foam Waterproof Dog Bed (link to read reviews on Amazon).

8. Cool in the Summer, Warm in the Winter

One of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world is either being too cold or too warm. Even though Pomeranians may seem like they can withstand cold climates due to their double-coat, they can still get cold. On the other side of things, they can overheat very easily, so it’s important to keep their temperature at a comfy level.

There are couple ways to go about making sure your Pomeranian is happy in cold and warm climates. In the Summer, I make sure they have enough water at all times and they get haircuts more often. This ensures they’re feeling cool and happy!

In the Winter, I like keeping their hair long and even put warm and comfy Winter dog jackets on them whenever we going outside. They look so cute in the Winter!

9. Quality Time with Other Dogs

Pomeranians are social dogs, so making sure they get enough time interacting with their dog friends is important. Having the opportunity to play with other dogs and test their limits of strength is not only important for their overall health, but it allows them to tap into their primal instincts of dog play.

While Pomeranians are fairly social dogs, we all know they have this Napolean Complex from time to time. One thing I’ve noticed is that my Pomeranians like to bark at other dogs when they’re on their leashes, but the moment you let them off they tend to calm down, especially if other dogs aren’t on their leashes.

10. A Brother or Sister

I love having multiple Pomeranians running around my house! Having these little puff balls around definitely has a positive effect on the mood in my household. Not only that, but I want to make sure that my Pomeranians have a friend to play with whenever they want, which is why I’m a huge proponent for having multiple Pomeranians.

As Pomeranian parents, we can only do so much when it comes to making our Pomeranians happy. Sometimes only another Pomeranian can effectively do this since it’s more natural for them to play like only Pomeranians can play. Not only is it good for their social and mental health, but it also encourages them to become more active. All of these things help your Pomeranian live a long and happy life.

11. Playtime with Fun Toys

Let’s face it, all dogs love having fun toys to play with around the house. Pomeranians are no different in this, so having some daily play time with fun toys can help your Pomeranian stay in a great mood. Whether you like to play with your Pomeranians or they like to entertain themselves, toys can be an effective way to keeping your Pomeranian happy.

Pomeranians love toys that squeak and make fun sounds. While this can certainly be annoying sometimes, it’s a big boost when it comes to their mood. I’ve also noticed my Pomeranians like to play tug of war with a dog rope toy, and since they’re super small, it’s a fun and easy way to keep them happy! I bought them Pacific Pups Dog Rope Toys (link to read reviews on Amazon), which they absolutely love!

12. Time to Bark

Dogs need to let their internal wolf out from time to time, and Pomeranians are one of those dogs that do that through barking. If you have a Pomeranian, you know they’re not shy when it comes to barking. While it can certainly be annoying (and I’m definitely not denying that!), giving them the time to bark a little is a healthy and happy activity for them.

Personally, I don’t mind if my Pomeranians bark occasionally during the day. However, I try to keep them from barking too much in the evenings since, for my family and I, this is a time for relaxation. I’ve found this not only useful for my family’s sake but also my neighbors!

13. Quiet and Calm Environments

If you’ve ever seen your Pomeranian at a party, BBQ, or get-together, they love to be the center of attention. However, Pomeranians aren’t able to carry this energy for too long and need a place to relax and crash after expending so much energy. That’s why I believe it’s important to always have a place where they can go to relax and reduce whatever stress they may have during these events.

Another important thing to point out is to avoid excessively loud noises around your Pomeranian, like loud music and fireworks. Like most dogs, it definitely is not a happy time for them when fireworks and other loud noises are going off. There’s no doubt that giving them a quiet and calm environment in times of stress can make your Pomeranian happy.

14. Clean Teeth

People generally brush their teeth twice a day, but when it comes to dogs that’s not really the case. When it comes to Pomeranians, the fresher they feel, the happier they are! Also, Pomeranians are known to develop bad teeth over a long time, so keeping those pearly whites fresh and clean will make them happy for quite some time.

While it’s definitely difficult to brush your Pomeranian’s teeth on a daily basis, it’s generally suggested to give them a nice brush once or twice a week. Every time I brush my Pomeranians’ teeth, they usually don’t like the process but love the feeling afterward. I know this because they get so much more excited!

15. Car Rides

We all know the look of a dogs face when they stick their head out the car window. Maybe they’re trying to eat the air or maybe they’re just enjoying the nice breeze. Either way, being in the car is kind of like an adventure for them, so I try to take one or two of my Pomeranians with me in the car whenever I get the chance.

If you decide to take your Pomeranian for a ride in your car, you want to make sure the windows aren’t too low for obvious reasons. Also, if you end up getting out of the car and it’s a hot day, don’t leave them inside the car unattended. Even if you leave the windows down, Pomeranians can get hot leading to a dangerous situation.

16. Trimmed Paw Nails

If you have floors that aren’t covered with carpet, you know very well when your Pomeranian’s nails are a tad too long. That clicking sound is so funny, especially when they start running around! Trimming your Pomeranian’s paw nails is not only good for them but helps them get around without sliding on hardwood or solid surfaces.

There’s no question that trimming my Pomeranians’ paw nails is a process they’d generally like to avoid. However, the end result is always them being in a better mood, so I tend to give them a trimming whenever I hear them clicking around the house.

17. Dog Training

Dogs instinctively need to be led by their owner, otherwise, they’ll live a life without direction or purpose. One of the most important ways you can make your Pomeranian happy and loved is to train them to act accordingly in social settings and around the house. One of the best characteristics Pomeranians have is that they’re exceptionally smart, so proper training is definitely attainable.

Every Pomeranian I’ve ever owned has been trained to use the bathroom properly, act accordingly in social settings, and to listen to my commands. It may seem strange, but your Pomeranians will respect you even more and live a happier life when they know you’re in charge. Knowing that you have their best intentions is the main reason for this, and, believe me, they’ll appreciate it.

18. Bathtime

Staying fresh and clean is important for the health, wellness, and happiness of all dogs and it’s certainly the case for Pomeranians. Keeping their coat and skin healthy ensures that they’ll be less prone to sickness leading them to live a happier life.

It’s absolutely true that not all Pomeranians jump at the chance to take a bath, but, in my experience, they always like the end result. They love it when I use the blow dryer on them after a bath, which is always fun for me and them! If you blow dry your Pomeranian after a bath, make sure you keep the blow dryer on low heat so it doesn’t damage their coat.

19. A Trip to the Vet

It’s true that practically no dog likes going to the veterinarian. While going to the doctor is something even people dread, it’s a net positive in the long run. Being on top of any issues that may arise when it comes to your Pomeranian’s health is of the utmost importance, and will no doubt lead to a happier, healthier, and longer life.

20. Spending More Time with You

Just like people, Pomeranians are some of the most social creatures on the planet. They crave attention and end up in a more stressed mental space if they don’t get enough social interaction. While nothing can replace the social dynamics dogs share with one another, there’s also no replacement for the time you share with your Pomeranian.

If you’re like me, you absolutely love your Pomeranian and enjoy the time you spend with them. Improving the health and happiness of any Pomeranians definitely requires a lot of what we’ve talked about today, but there’s no substitute for the quality time we all spend together as a family, including those puffy, four-legged family members!